Banned pro Kurt hints at FIFA 21 return 14 months after “lifetime ban”

Kurt0411 banned fifa 21Kurt0411 / EA

Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fenech has dropped the biggest hint yet that a FIFA 21 return is on the cards, 14 months after he was handed an indefinite ban on all EA games.

The controversial professional player was at one time one of the best in the world, but has been unable to work his way up the rankings of late, for obvious reasons.

In the past, he has been accused of multiple Code of Conduct violations and threatening behavior, and in one instance could be seen spitting on the EA logo. On a few occasions, he has tried to return to FIFA and even streamed a full session on the game with another Twitch account, only to be banned again.

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In 2021, though, over a year later, he may be ready to return – at least that’s what he is teasing.

Kurt returning in FIFA 21?

On April 8, he posted a picture of him smiling in the corner of the screen. In the very middle of that image, seen below, was the FIFA 21 loading screen.

Th cryptic message could just be his way of showing everybody that he still plays the game quietly, without streaming. Though, it could also indicate his intention of returning as well.

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Players react

Since this screenshot was posted online, a number of players have been reacting to the news. Here are a few of the best tweets.

Is Kurt0411 banned from playing FIFA 21?

The statement below, posted back in February 2020, confirmed Kurt would be banned from all EA games for the foreseeable future.

It said: “Today Kurt0411’s EA account will be banned from playing our games, and accessing our services, due to these serious and repeated violations.

“We build games and communities for players to have fun [and] creating a safe experience for everyone without fear of harassment or abuse is a vital part of that…when feedback crosses the line to threatening, personal attacks, we will take action to move it out of our communities.”

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Following that news, he has slammed the developers as “incompetent” and even called it a “tyranny”.

As of April 2021, as far as public information goes, Kurt is still banned and unable to officially compete in FIFA 21.

There has been no indication that this will change from an EA standpoint, though his latest teaser does raise questions about his future. For all we know, it could be him trolling again – only time will tell.

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