Insane Fallout 4 mod lets you explore the entire New Vegas map

Ethan Dean
fallout new vegas

A Dedicated Fallout modder has imported the entire map from New Vegas into Fallout 4, meaning the Mojave Wasteland is yours to survey.

Bethesda games have long been a paradise for modders and Fallout 4 is no exception. Of course, the usual Bethesda fare involves cramming Thomas the Tank Engine into the likes of Skyrim.

That’s not to say there aren’t some useful mods for the game’s of course. Some Fallout 4 mods will offer enhancements to the game world and even unlimited interaction with the game’s canine companion.

Sure everyone loves dogs but players might have a new favourite Fallout 4 mod thanks to NexusMods user bololo11. Their FNV to FO4 mod allows players to explore the Mojave Wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas within the franchise’s most recent mainline entry.

The mod actually grants Fallout 4 players access to the models and plugins for both Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3. They just need to own both of the games to take advantage of them.

According to bololo11, the mod allows the conversion of Fallout: New Vegas’ “world-space and all cells, including the landscape and the placement of every single object”.

Unfortunately, the mod is a little limited beyond exploration of the Mojave Wasteland. It doesn’t allow for the conversion of quests, scripts, NPCs, or creatures and while weapons and armor will appear, they can’t be equipped.

Players do have something to be hopeful for though. Bololo11 says these aspects of Fallout: New Vegas are only “currently” unavailable suggesting that they may be able to add them in the future.

fallout starfield earth
As long as we can bring Dogmeat to New Vegas with us, we’re good.

PC players might have the potential to play through the much-loved Fallout: New Vegas with all the polish of Fallout 4. Console players will have to hope and pray for an unlikely remaster.

For those wondering how to access the FNV to FO4 mod, our list of the 10 best mods for Fallout 4 also has an installation guide.

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