Fallout Amazon series: All trailer Easter eggs explained

Christopher Baggett
Fallout poster for Prime Video

Before you get ready to dive into every episode of Fallout on Prime Video, here’s a look at the various Easter eggs in the trailer and how they may tie the series into the games. 

The long-awaited Prime Video Fallout series is almost upon us. Inspired by the video game franchise, Fallout sees a well-meaning Vault Dweller exit the safe haven of Vault 33 to explore the deadly post-nuclear wasteland of Los Angeles. 

A new trailer has given us our best look at the game yet. The trailer highlights a lot of Fallout mainstays making the leap to the screen, including the post-apocalyptic world and atomic age stylings.

Fallout has almost 30 years of history behind it, with several distinct eras to explore and a lot of things that fans know and love. With that in mind, the trailer had quite a few Easter eggs, which may have flown right past those unfamiliar with the games. 

Every Easter egg in Prime Video’s Fallout trailer

Here’s a breakdown of every Easter egg from the games in the new Prime Video Fallout trailer.

Fallout Prime Video vault door opening

0:03 – Vault-Tec salesman

We catch our first glimpse of Walton Goggins’ character here as a Vault-Tec salesman. Players in the game rarely interact with Vault-Tec Salesmen, given that they’re long dead by the time the game starts.

Fallout Prime Video Vault Boy bobblehead

0:14 – Vault Boy bobblehead

The cherished Vault Boy bobblehead is seen here. A send-up of Bob’s Big Boy, Vault Boy is the joyful mascot of Vault-Tec and is plastered on everything. 

Fallout Prime Video pacific wheel

0:36 – Pacific Wheel

We see what appears to be Pacific Park (or rather what’s left of it) and the iconic Pacific Wheel. Prime Video’s Fallout is set primarily around Los Angeles, but exploring the greater world is always a trope of Fallout Games. 

Fallout Prime Video shady sands

0:38 – Shady Sands public library

Eagle-eyed fans will recognize Shady Sands from the original Fallout, released all the way back in 1997. Shady Sands is the first settlement the player character will encounter after leaving the vault, placed directly on their path in the search for a new Water Chip. 

Fallout Prime Video backpack

0:43 – The Vault Door opens

It doesn’t seem like much in the context of the trailer, but the Vault Door opening is always a big moment in modern Fallout games. We also can spy a backpack, which is featured heavily in Fallout 76. 

Fallout Prime Video stim pack

0:52 – Stim-Pack

The display here includes a Stim-Pack, the ubiquitous healing item players have used in every Fallout game. There’s also another Vault Boy bobblehead on display. 

Fallout Prime Video shopkeeper

1:01 – “You’re an actual Vault Dweller?”

Ella Purnell’s Lucy is out and about in the world, introducing herself as a Vault Dweller, much to the surprise of shopkeeper Ma June, played by Dale Dickey. In Fallout lore, Vault Dwellers are well known but not terribly common, given most Vaults either never open or are found after the experiment was terminated. 

1:08 – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire

The song that kicks in here is “I Don’t Want to Set The World on Fire,” as performed by The Ink Spots. The Fallout series leans heavily on a ’60s-inspired retrofuturistic style, imagining a society where clean power reigned supreme after World War II and an idealistic atomic age set in. As a result, much of the music is from the ’50s and ’60s.

Fallout Prime Video ghoul sheriff

1:26 – Ghoul Sherriff

We get a look at Walton Goggins’ The Ghoul encountering Lucy. He’s still alive because the radiation turned him into a nigh-immortal Ghoul. Fallout 4 introduced a similar character; a Vault-Tec salesman who would later become a settlement mainstay as a ghoul. 

Fallout Prime Video vault tec poison

1:29 – Vault-Tec Plan Poison

Lucy finds a mysterious Vault-Tec container which is clearly old and labeled with a poison warning, but it’s also labeled Econo Savings. Given Vault-Tec’s sinister experiments in the games, it’s possible this is part of something pretty nefarious. 

Fallout Prime Video mr gutsy

1:31 – Mr. Gutsy

The robot here is a Mr. Gutsy, a recurring model that appears throughout the series, starting with Fallout 3. Mr. Gutsy is often portrayed as an ally (such as Sole Survivor’s nanny robot, Codsworth), though there are more than a few who are either antagonistic or used for military purposes. 

Fallout Prime Video pip boy

1:41 – The Pip-Boy Wearable Computer

We get our first glimpse at a Pip-Boy, complete with its retro-styled green screen. Pip-Boys are wearable computers that ultimately function as the player’s interface, but in universe, they’re the device that gives Vault Dwellers the edge they need to survive the Wasteland. 

Fallout Prime Video brotherhood of steel

1:46 – Brotherhood of Steel

We get a look at the Brotherhood of Steel in formation here, with a smattering of soldiers at what appears to be a Brotherhood base. In Fallout, the Brotherhood is originally a band of fanatics who have been hoarding old-world technology under the guise of hoping to rebuild the world. Whether they are a terrifying force ruling the wasteland or a joke on the verge of collapse varies from game to game. 

Fallout Prime Video airships and vertibirds

1:49 – Brotherhood of Steel airship and Vertibirds

The Brotherhood has access to airships, which makes them somewhat unique in Fallout’s world. Here, we see a handful of Vertibirds as well as an Airship, which functions as mobile headquarters for the Brotherhood. The most notable of these is likely The Prydwyn, the Brotherhood’s airship from Fallout 4.

Fallout Prime Video brotherhood of steel paladin and rifle

1:51 – Brotherhood Paladin in Power Armor carrying an assault rifle

We get our best look at the Brotherhood of Steel power armor here. They’re also carrying an Assault Rifle modeled after the ones from Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, which is a bit unusual considering the Brotherhood traditionally favors energy weapons. 

Fallout Prime Video slocum joe's

1:57 – Slocum Joe’s

A Slocum Joe’s looms in the distance. These pre-war Donut Shops are often featured in destroyed cities throughout Fallout. We also see a wanderer with a dog, which is an optional sidekick in most Fallout games. 

Fallout Prime Video settlements

2:04 – A survivor settlement

The showdown between Lucy and The Ghoul appears to take place in a survivor’s settlement. Throughout the games, there are several different types of settlements, from ramshackle shelters built out of spare parts to communities built in existing, surviving locations.

Fallout Prime Video dart gun

2:09 – Dart Gun

Lucy appears to try to take down The Ghoul with a Dart Gun. These are fairly common Fallout weapons intended for stealth or no-kill runs, with Darts that can inflict status ailments on enemies to make them harmless or helpful. 

Fallout Prime Video overseer hank

2:21 – Vault 33 in chaos

We see the inside of the vault and Kyle MacLachlan’s Overseer Hank here. Based on the panic and the shutdown lighting, it’s possible this is after a Vault-Tec experiment shutdown went into effect. Vault-Tec is known for conducting “experiments” on Vault Dwellers, which really amount to little more than prolonged physical and psychological torture. 

Fallout Prime Video laser pistol

2:24 – Laser Pistol

We don’t know much about Sarita Choudhury’s character here, though she appears to be allied with the New California Republic soldiers. She’s also carrying a traditional Fallout laser pistol. The NCR soldiers are wearing a common type of medium armor from the game, also. 

Fallout Prime Video ncr brotherhood

2:25 – NCR flag

NCR soldiers and Brotherhood paladins are duking it out here. The NCR and Brotherhood of Steel are at odds in Fallout, the result of a long-simmering NCR-Brotherhood War. We can also spot the NCR flag being carried into battle by a soldier here. 

Fallout Prime Video radiation king

2:27 – Radiation King TV

The Ghoul is watching old westerns on a Radiation King TV. Radiation King is a major electronics manufacturer in pre-war Fallout. 

Fallout Prime Video bombs fall

2:30 – The day the bombs fell

It looks like the Fallout series will, at least in some capacity, depict the day the bombs fell. In the games, the bombs fell on October 23, 2077, as depicted in Fallout 4’s opening. Who launched the bombs was a long debated plot point, though Fallout creator Tim Cain revealed in a 2023 interview with TKs-Mantis that it was China, who dropped the bombs upon learning of US-conducted FEV experiments. 

Fallout Prime Video yao guai

2:34 – Paladin fighting a Yao guai

We see a Brotherhood paladin going toe-to-toe with a terrifying Yao guai. These are the descendants of bears who were mutated by the radiation.

Fallout Prime Video cat fish

2:40 – Paladin fighting…a mutated catfish?

A Paladin is in the water fighting some kind of weird mutated creature. It looks like something new, so far as I can tell, and may be based on the giant catfish that was mentioned but never seen in Fallout 3. There are plenty of water-based enemies in Fallout, though you never actually fight them in the water. 

Fallout Prime Video super duper mart

2:45 – Super Duper Mart

We see Lucy and The Ghoul heading into a Super Duper Mart, which, based on other scenes with him, might be where The Ghoul lives. Super Duper Marts are key locations in Fallout. They are the remnants of a grocery chain that is often full of valuable supplies, weapons…and raiders. 

Fallout Prime Video radroach

2:52 – Radroaches

We see Lucy stomping on a Radroach and, a few seconds later, get a better look at a living one. Radroaches are, obviously, mutated cockroaches and often serve as tutorial enemies in the Fallout games. 

Fallout Prime Video leather armor

3:02 – Lucy wearing leather armor

The final shot of Lucy in the trailer sees her much worse for wear, with her Vault Suit torn and a huge bleeding wound. However, we also see her wearing the classic Fallout leather armor, something players often get in the early hours of the games. 

All episodes of Fallout hit Prime Video on April 11. 

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