enter three-year sponsorship with crypto exchange Bybit

Adam Fitch
Bybit are the latest esports organization to establish a sponsorship deal with Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange.

Perhaps the best-known Russian team brand in esports, are prominent targets of sponsorships when companies are looking to appeal to that particular market.

Aligning with that notion, cryptocurrency exchange Bybit have announced a sponsorship deal with them — lasting for three years at an undisclosed value.

Bybit’s logo will be present on VP’s jerseys and digital platforms, including social media, though the sponsorship also includes “community initiatives” that aim to educate fans on finances, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.

The crpyto company have announced noteworthy deals with Ukraine-based Natus Vincere, Denmark-based Astralis, and Sweden-based Alliance in the last week alone as they look to make their mark on the esports industry.

Founded in March 2018 and claiming to have more than 2 million registered users, Bybit will use the exposure from the deal with to promote their upcoming World Series of Trading competition.

The event, which has options for solo or team participation, will dish out over 6m USDT in prize winnings for those who choose to get involved.

“Both digital financial assets and esports are relatively new industries,” said CEO Sergey Glamazda. “Despite their fast growth and the fact that everyone is talking about it, a lot of people may still find it complicated and not easy to understand.

“That is where our goals with Bybit are aligned: we are constantly improving and trying to make what we do best as simple as possible to understand for the audience. We are delighted to have Bybit joining esports with their large-scale projects and proud to be their partners in Russia!”