Outsiders CSGO stickers jump in price after Virtus.pro ban lift

Michał Konkol//ESL Gaming via ESPAT

The price of Outsiders’ CS:GO stickers in Steam’s community market has skyrocketed after it was announced that the team will play again as Virtus.pro in all competitions.

On March 22, ESL and BLAST officially lifted their bans on Virtus.pro, allowing the Russian organization to be represented again in all events organized by the two companies.

This came after a year in which Virtus.pro’s CS:GO team had to compete as Outsiders, a neutral name without any reference to the organization or its sponsors.

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The team attended the two CS:GO Majors that were held in 2022, finishing 12th-14th at PGL Major Antwerp before winning IEM Rio in stunning fashion.

With this change in policy, it is very likely that Outsiders’ name and logo will never be seen at CS:GO Majors again – and the price of the team’s stickers immediately went up as a result.

The paper version of Outsiders’ Antwerp sticker, for example, is currently being traded for $0.40 at the time of writing, a 263% increase since the start of the day. The same version of the team’s IEM Rio Major sticker has surged 300% today to $0.36.

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On Twitter and the CSGOmarketforum subreddit, many have disclosed their gains from trading Outsiders stickers. “I just sold 500 outsiders Antwerp papers for a 1300% profit, and my account got Community banned,” one Reddit user wrote. “I just cashed out 2000% profit on the 200 Rio glitters I bought at $.11,” another user wrote.

Virtus.pro has the fourth-most appearances at CS:GO Majors at 13. (Only NAVI, Fnatic and NIP have more.) The Russian organization has one Major title to its name, from EMS One Katowice 2014.

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