Devastating CS2 crash costs Virtus Pro playoffs spot at PGL Copenhagen Major

Jeremy Gan jame at PGL Copenhagen Major

A devastating CS2 crash cost a playoff spot at the PGL Copenhagen Major after their IGL’s game crashed, booting them from the server. 

As the PGL Copenhagen Major wrapped up its final day of the Elimination Stage, sending its last teams into the Playoffs, it saw eliminated from the Major under devastating circumstances. 

In map two between and G2 Esports, at round 23 on Inferno, with the scoreline tied up at 11-11, VP was given a chance to win the round with a bomb plant. However, VP’s Dzhami “Jame” Ali found himself with a crashed game in the middle of the site hold. 

Jame had the AWP and was ready to take an angle to stop G2’s retake, however, because his game crashed, it forced him out into the open with G2 capitalizing on the mishap to go up a round at regulation and win the map and series. 

Following the match, PGL made a statement on the crash, outlining where it stemmed from. “We wish to clarify the situation involving Jame during the second map, Inferno, in the series against G2.

“A technical malfunction occurred due to an NVIDIA driver crash, resulting in a game crash. We are continuing our investigation into the matter.” 

Despite winning, G2’s Nikola “NiKo” Kovač pinned the blame not on PGL, but on the game itself. “It’s f***ing embarrassing to have a Major with so many issues and bugs in the game and not to even mention Bo1s MR12 with the current economy. It sucks, hearts out to”

As for what Jame had to say about the bug, he didn’t pin the team’s loss on the bug as he said they could have closed it out at map three of Anubis. 

“Many wonder what happened with the bug and so on, many are tilted because of this. Right now after the defeat, I feel empty, no emotions. But in my head, I understand that it’s not worth paying attention to because the level of play we showed on Anubis where there were no bugs doesn’t correspond to the team,” Jame said in a video posted by 

The playoff stage of PGL Copenhagen begins on March 28.