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UK Esports Awards 2020 nominations and winners

Published: 14/Nov/2020 0:29 Updated: 14/Nov/2020 1:00

by Marco Rizzo


The third UK Esports Awards ceremony took place on Friday, 12th November, featuring some of the biggest names from the British esports scene. 

Friday night was dedicated to acknowledging the best British esports had to offer this year, with multiple individuals across several sectors of the industry receiving recognition for their hard work during a very difficult year.

Previous winners of the Awards have included the likes of Adam Fitch, Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson, and Frankie Wood – and this year saw yet another star-studded cast of esports’ brightest.

How to watch

If you were not able to catch the stream live, the UKCSGO Twitch channel has made the VOD available for everyone to view at their leisure.



The Winners

Admin Of The Year :

  • Avery “obr1nk” Thomas,
  • Leonora ‘Duck’ Tomlinson
  • Chris “Hench” Henshaw
Leonora duck
LeonoraTheDuck won after her amazing work as an admin for FaceIT, ESL, and Dreamhack

Backstage Hero:

  • Aaron ‘AaronGillLIVE‘ Gill
  • Ben Tsow
  • Frazer Scully
Aaron GIll
Twitch: UKCSGO
AaronGillLIVE produced several high-level Rocket League events

Caster Of The Year:

  • Peter “kremer3” Kremer
  • Callum ‘shogun’ Keir
  • Jack Peters
  • Will ‘viperoon’ Wittingham
Twitch: UKCSGO
Jack Peters work as a R6:Siege commentator has been outstanding

Manager Of The Year:

  • Zack ‘czer’ Chandler
  • Kalvin Chung
  • Peter Kremer
Kalvin Chung UKEAKalvin Chung was awarded due to his management of MnM Gaming

Organisation Of The Year: 

  • Excel
  • Endpoint
  • Vexed
  • London Esports
  • Aura Esports
Endpoint UKEAEndpoint achieved great things this year in Rocket League and CSGO

Player Of The Year:

  • Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin
  • Max ‘MiGHTYMAX’ Heath 
  • Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman
  • Euan ‘Tadpole Ingram
  • Marc Robert ‘Caedrel’ Lamont
MiGHTYMAX led the Endpoint CSGO team to some great results in 2020

Photographer Of The Year:

  • Joe Brady
  • Charlotte Peers
  • Katy Eyre
  • Jak Howard
  • Griizzly
Brady wins UKEA
Twitch: UKCSGO
Joe Brady produced some amazing photography across several events in 2020

Presenter Of The Year:

  • Frankie Ward
  • Cole and Stumpy
  • Simon Hill
  • Adam Savage
  • James Banks
Framkie Ward
Twitch: UKCSGO
Frankie’s work in CSGO has been top quality

Reporter Of The Year:

  • Su Collins
  • Richard Lewis
  • George Geddes
  • Adam Fitch
  • Jacob Hale
Yinsu Collins UKEAYinsu takes the Best reporter award after a fantastic year in esports, reporting for Dexerto, Sky Sports News, and THESPIKE.GG.

Service Provider Of The Year:

  • Hitmarker
  • Gamers Apparel
  • Faceit
  • EpicLAN
Hitmarker UKEAHitmarker was an important player in building UK esports in 2020

Streamer Of The Year:

  • johnpee
  • snakeecod
  • subparbutinhd
  • eternalstephhd
  • onscreen

subparbutinhd UKEA

Tournament Of The Year:

  • epicLAN 
  • Neosurf Cup
  • The NUEL
  • ESL UK Premiership
epicWAN wins
Twitch: UKCSGO
EpicLAN won Tournament of the year after a series of great EpicWAN events

Videographer Of The Year:

  • Kieran Gibbs
  • Michael Gately
  • Charles Dalton
  • Rhys Rasmussen
Rhys RasmussenRhys ‘work for Team Liquid takes the award after a fantastic year in Team Liquid

The event, graciously hosted by Elle Osili-Wood was streamed on Twitch at 7 pm GMT. Each candidate had the opportunity to include a video with brief acceptance speeches following their award.

Dexerto would especially like to congratulate Yisu Collins on her personal award as Reporter Of The Year, as well as her important contribution to the scene.