TSM reveals inside look at luxury $50 million esports center

TSM Esports CenterTSM

Team SoloMid has given fans a look inside of their new, $50,000,000 esports center in Los Angeles, which they claim is the “most expensive” in the world and the “largest ever created in North America.”

Since being founded in 2009, TSM has become one of the most popular North American-based esports organizations of the last decade, and it seems they’ve decided to build a facility to match.

Fortnite pro Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani and TSM president of esports Leena Xu walked us through the massive facility filled with anything a professional gamer could ever want or need.

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According to Xu, the facility is set to open in “Spring 2020,” which means this video was probably filmed well in advance of its April release date.

From the very beginning, Myth seemed incredibly pumped about the 25,000 sq. foot building, which is the biggest esports-focused facility in the western hemisphere, according to TSM.

The center space of the building is where the over 60 employees who make everything TSM happen will work, but there’s going to be much more than just office space in their massive new HQ.

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For fans in Southern California, there will be a special watch party room where they can gather and watch all of TSM’s games, which will also double as a film room for players during the week.

What would an esports facility be without a merch store?

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There’s one thing inside of TSM’s massive new facility that no other esports center in the world has though, and that’s a sensory deprivation tank.

If you don’t know, sensory deprivation tanks are small pools of salt water you float in that cut off all light, sounds and other stimuli from the outside world. They’re supposed to be incredibly trippy, and great for relaxing and meditation.

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The idea for the tank actually came from TSM’s League of Legends midlaner Søren “Bjergsen Bjerg, but Xu told Myth he was more than welcome to use it as well, since they wouldn’t be getting a swimming pool as the Fortnite pro had requested.

The Lenovo Legion Lounge is where TSM teams will prep and practice before tournaments and matches.

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Players will also get their own area, the “Lenovo Legion Lounge” (try saying that five times fast), where they can practice and prep for matches and tournaments.

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They’ll also have access to a full-size gym, kitchen and everything else a pro gamer or content creator could need.

All of this means players could theoretically never have to leave the facility, which would make a “How long can I live at the TSM HQ without getting kicked out!?” video some great content. You can have that idea for free, Myth.

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