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FaZe Clan’s Tfue Has Officially Moved Into the FaZe House

Published: 6/Sep/2018 21:02 Updated: 6/Sep/2018 21:16

by Virginia Glaze


FaZe Clan Fortnite pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has finally made the move into the FaZe team house in Los Angeles, California.

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The massive Twitch streamer will be joining fellow Fortnite pros of the FaZe Clan in a shared, multi-million dollar mansion.

The eleven-room abode is settled in LA’s luxurious Hollywood Hills, neighboring the mansions of Team Clout and the FaZe team owners.

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News of Tfue’s official move was broken by fellow teammate FaZe Adapt in a vlog on September 5. In the vlog, Tfue, along with FaZe Clan CEO and founder Temperrr, perform the daring stunt of making an approximately 50-foot jump from the ‘Reservoir.’


Unfortunately, FaZe Adapt couldn’t stomach the jump, instead opting to slide down a rocky incline on top of a skateboard.

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The vlog also made another announcement. Adapt stated that Tfue would be streaming again ‘soon,’ which lined up with several other findings around the internet.

Tfue himself made a Tweet on September 5 teasing his return to Twitch.



Additionally, it was noticed that Tfue was unblocked on both Twitch and YouTube, two platforms that he had been kicked from in August.

This information proved true, as Tfue’s Twitch channel is now active, and he has made his first return since the 14-day ban. His YouTube channel is likewise restored, after being hacked and all his content removed. He explained the incident in a YouTube video on September 6, where he stated that the Twitch ban was due to “stupid stuff.”


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He likewise announced that he would be making more content along with the rest of FaZe clan – so fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future.