Smash Ultimate pro suspended for damaging wall after tournament loss

Michael Gwilliam

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Matt ‘Elegant’ Fitzpatrick has been suspended by 2GGaming after an outburst at Wednesday Night Fights on September 11 in which he punched a wall after a loss.

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While many assumed the Luigi main was simply angry after a loss, it was soon revealed that he had been under a lot of stress because a moving truck with all his family’s belongings in it had been stolen. 

In a series of emotional tweets, Elegant apologized for his actions and the Smash community rallied behind the pro, raising a whopping $11,725 through a GoFundMe to support him. 

Elegant/TwitterElegant has been suspended by 2GG.
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Many who donated also posted encouraging words and comments. “Elegant motivated me to participate in tournaments, and to learn luigi since smash 4, I’m forever grateful to him, and I hope he gets his life sorted out so we can see him in tournaments again soon! Keep it up my dude,” one vocal funder wrote.

The pro was taken back and couldn’t believe the generosity of the community, but said he would find a way to repay everyone for their kindness. 

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Now, however, nearly six days after the wall-punching incident, 2GGaming has announced that Elegant will be suspended for one month as this is his first strike.

The organization added that will have to pay for the damages he caused to the eSports Arena if he wants to compete at 2GG events in the future. 

Elegant was scheduled to compete at Glitch 7 over the September 13 weekend, but dropped out after the wall-punch controversy. Pikachu icon Eric ‘ESAM’ Lew would go on to win the tournament

Looking at video of the incident after Elegant’s loss to Jesus ‘MastaMario’ Fragoza in the Winners Semis, it appeared as if he punched a hole or serious dent into the wall, but the camera cut away back to the commentators. 

NintendoElegant is considered to be one of the best Luigi players in Smash Ultimate.
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In any case, with over $11,000 donated to the legendary Luigi smasher, he shouldn’t have any problem paying for the damages or being welcomed back into the community.

Only time will tell if he shows up for the October 16 edition of Wednesday Night Fights. Until then, there are plenty of other tournaments that Elegant can enter that aren’t affiliated with 2GG.

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