Smash pro celebrates too hard after winning match and shatters headphones

shinymark breaks headphones at smash eventYouTube/VGBC

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Markus ‘ShinyMark’ Florido popped-off after advancing to Winners Finals at Delfino Maza and ended up breaking his headphones in the process.

ShinyMark has been steadily rising through the Smash Ultimate ranks as the world’s best Pikachu player, traveling a lot more outside of his home region of Guatemala.

As such, it’s been fun to see him grow as a player and improve his placements. While his previous best result was 7-8th at Collision 2023, he outdid himself at Delfino Maza in Mexico.

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After getting through French Wario sensation Glutonny in a five-game nailbiter, the Guatemalan faced off against fellow Pokemon main Skyjay in the winners semis where he also emerged victorious, but at a big cost.

Smash Ultimate pro breaks headphones after pop-off ends in disaster

In the closing moments of the final game of the set, ShinyMark hit an up smash to finish off Skyjay’s Incineroar, leading to one hell of an epic celebration.

ShinyMark jumped out of his chair in excitement and ran across the stage, seemingly forgetting that his phone was on his lap and headphones on his head, causing them to fall to the ground.

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(segment begins at 19:32)

Once he shook Skyjay’s hand, the Pikachu player turned around and realized that damage had been done and held up his headphones which were now completely busted.

While he did give the camera a thumbs up, that quickly changed to a thumbs down and a mixed reaction from the Shorys Gaming star.

Luckily, on X, the Pikachu main revealed that his headphones had “surgery” and they were fixed, but that didn’t stop him from losing to FaZe Sparg0 in winners finals and the runback against Glutonny, ending his run at third.

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Nonetheless, it was an impressive performance from the rising star and hopefully, he can keep up the momentum at Rise ‘N Grind later this year.

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