Smash Bros pro sparks controversy after throwing chair at a tournament

Carver Fisher

Smash Bros pro Hungrybox is known for having some insane pop-offs, but his recent win at Get On My Level‘s Smash tournament has the community divided over whether or not throwing a chair across the stage should be celebrated.

Hungrybox certainly stands out as a competitor and not just cause he’s good at Jigglypuff. On one hand, big moments like his chair throw can help get more eyes on the tournament and add to the storyline amongst players.

On the other, the chance of someone getting hurt as a result of throwing things around is a real possibility, not to mention property damage.

It’s a big enough issue that even Ludwig weighed in on it, and the Smash community is still split on whether or not this is acceptable.

That said, Ludwig’s right. Not only did the tournament organizers tweet and promote the clip, but they also got plans to take the meme further.

He’s already done a photoshoot with the chair, a pop-off moment that’ll be used to promote the event next year. It also confirmed that the chair is in fact broken.

That said, Get On My Level has caught some flak for posting these images and condoning his actions, saying that it sets a “horrible precedent” for other tournaments and their organizers.

“If someone smashes my stage in with a chair I’m throwing them out of the venue. I don’t care if they’re good at the game,” remarked esports videographer and Smash player Phil Nolan.

In response to someone else who called him out after the chair throw, Hungrybox had this to say: “suck my d*ck”.

Though the level of excitement behind his pop-off may have made you think Hbox won the whole tournament, the footage in question is actually from a loser’s bracket match. Granted, it was pretty late in the tournament, but it wasn’t even top 4.

After this, Hungrybox would go on to lose to fellow Smash Bros GOAT Mang0, falling just short of moving on to the top 4 with a 2-3 loss.