Microsoft Excel is now an esport – yes, you read that right

Bill Cooney

Microsoft’s humble spreadsheet software Excel is now an esport. No, this isn’t an out of season April Fool’s joke, either.

When you think of “esports” Microsoft Excel probably isn’t the first program that comes to mind, hell, it probably wouldn’t be in the top 100 to come to mind if we’re being completely honest. But, that hasn’t stopped it one bit.

Despite how odd it might sound, Excel is no longer just a program your parents use to keep track of expenses, as on June 8 we will all be able to witness the first annual Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup. Again, we know this sounds like a joke but we promise it is 100% legit, just check out this tweet!

Now, you may be wondering, “Dexerto, how the heck can Excel be an esport?” Well, dear reader, there are actually quite a few ways people have found to make the spreadsheet competitive. A quick search on YouTube or Google for “Excel Speedrun” yields thousands of results to look at, but that’s not what the June 8 event will focus on.

Instead, eight of the top financial modelers from eight different countries will be competing against each other to make the financial model to rule them all, and take home bragging rights in the process.

The participants, including the UK’s Andrew Ngai, Australia’s John Lim, Gabriela Stroj of Poland, and South Africa’s favorite son Jason Webber, might not be household names just yet, but rest assured you’ll be hearing about these spreadsheet sensations before too long.

All of the participants can be found below, but it remains to be seen which one will take home the glory come June 8.
The best financial analysts from around the world will be putting their Excel skills to the test on June 8.

How to watch the Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup

Since we’re hyping up this event so much, it only makes sense to tell you how to tune in as well, doesn’t it? The Excel Financial Modeling World Cup will kick off on June 8 on the Financial Modeling World Cup’s YouTube page.

If you don’t want to go looking around for it, you can find the official stream below right here:

Like we said, it’s a complete tossup for who will walk away victorious here, we don’t have as large a sample size of previous matchups as say, professional CSGO. But it’s not everyday you see a brand new esport be born, especially one based on a simple, Microsoft Office program.