‘We Got Lucky’ wins the 2021 Splitgate Pro Series: Grand Finals, Standings, Prizes

Alan Bernal
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The inaugural Splitgame Pro Series (SPS) put $100,000 on the line for teams to compete for through open qualifiers to the Grand Finals. Here’s how the dust settled complete with event standings and VOD channel.

Splitgate developer 1047 Games and Logitech Esports Services gave the most dedicated players a chance to compete in the first SPS Grand Finals, and Dexerto followed the action from every event as the tournament’s official media partner.

There were six open qualifiers that anyone could enter for an opportunity to compete for $5,000 per event, as well as $10,000 in ASTRO Gaming products throughout the season.

This ultimately boiled down to the Last Chance Qualifier, where the final team will joined seven others for the ultimate $60,000 Grand Finals event.

Splitgate Pro Series VOD stream channel

There were plenty of matches to catch in the Splitgame Pro Series. If you missed any of the games, you can navigate to the embedded Twitch channel below to rewatch your favorite SPS moments.

SPS Launch Season Finals

The inaugural season of the Splitgame Pro Series has wrapped with team ‘We Got Lucky‘ claiming the top prize.

KJewls put in an ASTRO MVP performance to lead teammates Mattie, Luck, and Akuvo. The team took the grand prize of $25,000 as a team.

SPS Season 1 Final Standings:

Placement Team Prize
1 We Got Lucky $25,000
2 Aim Assist $15,000
3 Portal Demons $6,000
4 Bork $4,000
5-6 Mushroom Hunters $3,000
Most Hated
7-8 TimeZoneNeutral $2,000
On The Spot

Splitgate Pro Series qualifier standings

Teams of four will compete against other squads for seeding points. While these are earned as a unit, they’re assigned to each individual player on the team.

Top players on the leaderboard get priority access to tournament sign-ups and top seeds in qualifier brackets. Players can freely compete with different teams week-to-week and will keep accumulating points to their name.

Points breakdown:

  • 1st – 100 pts
  • 2nd – 50 pts
  • Top 4 – 25 pts
  • Top 8 – 15 pts
  • Top 16 – 10 pts
  • Top 32 – 5 pts

Qualifiers overall Top 20

Placement Player Points
1 KJEWLS 550
2 LUCK 550
3 MATTIE 550
4 AKUVO 450
7 CHASEN 300
8 SWOOTY 275
9 CRNBRD 215
10 R31TZV2 190
11 BITEY 190
13 TANNER 140
15 APP 130
16 STACK 125
17 HUFFAY 110
19 ANOETIC 100

Splitgate Pro Series prize pool

The top four teams from the qualifiers will get their share of the $5,000 per event. The Grand Finals will give every participant thousands in cash prizes.

No payout was announced for the Last Chance Qualifier. Teams in the LCQ will compete for the chance to be Splitgate pros by claiming the last Grand Finals seed.

Open Qualifiers

  • 1st place – $2,500
  • 2nd place – $1,000
  • 3rd place – $750
  • 4th place – $750

Grand Finals

  • 1st place – $25,000
  • 2nd place – $15,000
  • 3rd place – $6,000
  • 4th place – $4,000
  • 5/6th place – $3,000
  • 7/8th place – $2,000

Splitgate Pro Series: schedule and dates

The SPS Season 1 format will have six open qualifiers, one last chance qualifier, and the Grand Finals from October to December.

All events will be hosted on Sunday starting at noon PDT.

Open Qualifiers

Last Chance Qualifier

Grand Final

Now that the SPS Season 1 Grand Finals has wrapped up, fans will be excited to see the top-8 teams returns when the next season kicks off in 2022.