Ex-Arsenal star Mesut Ozil wants to go pro in Fortnite esports after football

M10 Esports

Professional German footballer Mesut Özil will shift to become an esports pro according to the ex-Arsenal star’s agent Dr Erkut Sogut.

As the world of esports continues to grow even further beyond expectations, we’re slowly beginning to see more and more mainstream media and personalities make their way into the ever-growing industry.

Unexpectedly, however, is to see world-class athletes make their transition to competing in esports once their playing days are over.

However, according to Mesut Özil’s agent, that’s exactly what the 33-year-old ex-Arsenal midfielder could be set to do once he’s finished playing for Fenerbahce.

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Footballer Mesut Ozil wearing Arsenal shirt.WikiMedia: Ronnie Macdonald
The former Arsenal midfielder has his own esports org.

The Germany international, who has had a stellar career for the likes of Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Schalke 04, is currently contracted to Turkish club Fenerbahçe. However, he is reportedly not a part of the first-team plans after having his fitness levels brought into question.

According to Mesut’s agent, Dr Erkut Sogut, the 33-year-old could ditch his football boots for a keyboard and mouse once his contract expires in a few years’ time.

“He will go more into esports, play himself and maybe become an esports athlete,” Sogut told The Telegraph. “He’s really good, to be honest, at Fortnite and I think one day I wouldn’t be surprised if he is competing,” said Özil’s agent. “He owns a team, M10 Esports, and he has players. He has a gaming house in Germany. He has football, like Fifa, and Fortnite.”

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As mentioned by his agent, Özil owns M10 esports – an organization founded in 2018 that competes in both FIFA and Fortnite. Mesut isn’t the only footballer to get involved with esports either.

In 2020, David Beckham was announced as the co-owner of British esports organization Guild Esports. Similarly, Manchester City star Kun Agüero is the founder and CEO of KRÜ Esports, an organization that competes in Valorant and FIFA.

While it’s unclear how good Özil actually is when it comes to playing with a controller, it would be exciting to see him compete as an esports professional in the future.

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