Evil Geniuses CGO reveals old logo’s future amid backlash

Scott Robertson

Following widespread backlash to the unveiling of the organization’s new logo, Evil Geniuses’ Chief Gaming Officer Phillip Aram gave a heartfelt explanation of what the future holds for the original crest logo, in a reply to former owner Alex Garfield.

Mistakes were made, and even an organization going by the moniker ‘Evil Geniuses’ know that the way they unveiled their rebranded logo wasn’t the smartest.

On December 13, Evil Geniuses unveiled a new logo as part of a rebranding project, and it quickly became the talk of the internet for the wrong reasons. 

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After receiving a number of responses, Phillip Aram, Chief Gaming Officer at EG,  personally responded to backlash from former owner Alex Garfield.

Garfield’s statements echoed his sentiment that the new EG logo somehow tarnishes the legacy of the organization, and Aram acknowledged in his response that the organization did Garfield and the EG fans a disservice by leaving the legendary, round crest out of the rollout.

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Aram admitted that he “f****d up the delivery” with the new logo, and that the way it was presented caused fans to focus on “what was missing and not what was unveiled.” This is likely due to the fact that the initial announcement had zero mention of the old logo in any capacity.

Twitter: @Phillip_Aram

He went on to say that the plan initially was to “tinker” with the original symbol of Evil Geniuses as part of the brand refresh, but that time constraints meant they weren’t able to “figure out” what to do with it yet. 

He had hoped that the organization could tinker “in quiet” after the new logo came out, but says they messed up by not communicating that they were still working on the original logo “in the lab.”

Twitter: @Phillip_Aram

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To the relief of fans of the old logo, Aram admitted that the old Evil Geniuses logo is not gone, that it is indeed coming back, and apologize for giving “all the fans a heart attack.”

He also remarked that it was his hope that the history of Evil Geniuses, specifically regarding Garfield’s departure from the company, can soon be brought to public light.

Twitter: @Phillip_Aram

Garfield and Aram assured anyone reading that there was no bad blood between them, and that it’s mutual love between a past and current leader of the Evil Geniuses brand.

Twitter: @Phillip_Aram

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In between the initial announcement and the response, plenty of other organizations and members of the community expressed outrage at the new logo, with some other teams even roasting Evil Geniuses for it.

Even Evil Geniuses poked a little fun at themselves.

The return of the old logo in some capacity will be one of several new things that Evil Geniuses fans have to look forward to in 2020.

Their new-look Dota 2 roster is still a contender, their CSGO team has won two championships already, and they return to the LoL for the upcoming LCS Spring Split.