DWG KIA rebrands to Dplus KIA ahead of LCK 2023

Dplus KIA

Worlds-winning esports organization DWG KIA has opted for a rebrand ahead of the coming year of LCK competition, complete with a new look and name for one of League’s biggest orgs.

Damwon has cemented itself as one of South Korea’s best LCK teams over the last few years.

Between taking the world title in 2020 and having solid performances at both Worlds 2021 and 2022, they’re one of the most formidable organizations within pro-League of Legends.

However, they won’t be going into 2023 as DWG KIA. In 2023, they’ll be rebranding to Dplus KIA, complete with a new logo and overall look.

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Dplus KIA is the new face of Damwon in the LCK

Damwon Gaming dominated in 2020, taking both domestic and world titles with relative ease. To ring in 2021, they partnered with KIA and shortened Damwon Gaming to DWG, giving us DWG KIA.

After being the 2021 runners-up, 2022 was pretty rough up until Worlds where the org had a serious surge and almost took down GenG. If they hadn’t lost 2-3, Worlds 2022 could have looked very different. They’re looking to regain their dominance in 2023 with the signing of world champion ADC Deft, and they’ll be doing it under yet another new-ish name.

DWG KIA will be Dplus KIA in 2023, and they’ll be looking to dominate in the LCK.

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Dplus has shown off its new roster clad in black and white, a new color palette for the organization. The “D” in Dplus is meant to hold on to what remains of their name as Damwon while embracing a new identity as a team with more “global recognition,” according to a press release from Dplus KIA.

Oddly enough, this rebrand comes mere months after Damwon went out of its way to film a lengthy promotional video and created several announcements for their new roster under the DWG KIA name.

Their Dplus rebrand will be shown off during Deft’s show match against Faker on January 10, giving fans a first look at the next step for Damwon.

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