Apex Legends pro Sweet reveals “sad” reason he quit playing Ranked

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Sweet is one of the premier names in all of Apex Legends and the former #1 Predator player has spilled the details of why he has quit playing Ranked entirely.

There are few names more popular in the ALGS scene than Sweet. The NRG IGL has made his mark on the scene by being one of the most knowledgeable players in the world, and in some ways, by sharing that info with the rest of the community.

That’s not to diminish his high skill level either. There was a time when catching Sweet absolutely dominating the Ranked ladder wasn’t a rare occurrence.

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He’s moved on from that now, but after being asked about the decision, he revealed that it’s a blend of physical and emotional reasons that caused him to spurn it for the most part.

NRG Sweet explains why he quit Apex Legends Ranked

As he explained to his Twitch chat, he feels a genuine level of discomfort when attempting to play Ranked after grinding it for so many seasons.

“My brain feels like it’s getting pressed on physically in my head, and there’s a fog in my eyes. Is that just extreme boredom?” he asked. “It feels like a chemical response to playing Ranked…if I die in Game #2 of a session my body physically starts to shut down.”

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Sweet also clarified that it’s not a problem that persists across public matches or even the Firing Range and that he still loves playing Apex competitively.

“I think it’s just too many seasons of it not being f***ing rewarding,” he summed up. “I’ve just gotten to the point where I can’t find the fun of it anymore unless they change the ranked system back.”

There’s no sign of the devs undoing the changes made with Ranked Reloaded back in Season 13 but Sweet is not alone in his disdain for the current version of the playlist.

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