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Escape from Tarkov April 8 update: full patch notes

Published: 8/Apr/2020 15:00

by Calum Patterson


Battlestate Games have rolled out the patch for Escape from Tarkov, and while it doesn’t feature any new content or major changes, there are some much-needed fixes for bugs and freezes.

Lead developer Nikita already revealed what’s coming in future updates, but this smaller patch is just as important when it comes to Tarkov’s general stability.

There have been growing complaints from players about freezes and stuttering, and this update should go some way to resolving many of these issues.

RIfle in Escape from Tarkov

We know what’s coming in the 12.5 patch too, which will include more significant changes and some new features, which you can read all about here.

This smaller update is crucial though for the basics of the game, ensuring fewer freezes, plus rectifying some very annoying bugs. The servers were down for around three hours as the update was pushed live, but are all back up and running now.

Whether the stuttering issues are completely and totally resolved, however, remains to be seen. Some players have been reporting freezes and stutters almost every game, and while Battlestate have made efforts to fix it, it’s a persistent nuisance.

escape from tarkov player
Battlestate Games
This update should fix stuttering in Tarkov – hopefully.

The main bug fixes include an issue allowing players to get to the Lab during nighttime, and ammo decreasing visually in the hideout’s shooting range.

Check out the full patch notes from Battlestate for Tarkov below.

Escape from Tarkov update 12.4 patch notes


• Fixed some causes for the main freezes during combat

• Various bugs causing minor freezes and stuttering have been fixed.


• Fixed a bug where ammo was visually being spent in the hideout’s shooting range (and related bugs)

• Fixed a bug of the ability to get to the Lab during nighttime.

• Partial interface layout fixes for 4: 3 screens. The screen layout for selecting the location and group lobby got affected.

• Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to buy mods for a weapon preset

• Various technical changes

Escape from Tarkov

How to access Escape from Tarkov’s early test server

Published: 13/Nov/2020 16:30 Updated: 4/Dec/2020 22:51

by Lauren Bergin


Battlestate Games have always been about building a fun community, but now they’re letting players influence the game design itself by launching the Escape from Tarkov Early Test Server. 

Escape from Tarkov’s developers, Battlestate Games, has always had a reputation for communicating with the game’s fanbase. By doing this, they’ve formed a dedicated community of players and fans who truly live and breathe the game.

These fans know that the updates for Tarkov are few and far between, normally coming in big chunks instead of occasional drip-fed updates. The announcement of new guns in early November certainly caused a stir, especially with Streets of Tarkov still looming somewhere on the horizon.

To add to the excitement, Tarkov’s devs have come up with an interesting way of including their fans in the development process: the Early Test Server.

Battlestate Games
Streets of Tarkov is hopefully coming soon, but fans may be included in its development

What is the Early Test Server?

The Tarkov early test program works similarly to the PBE in LoL or Experimental Mode in Overwatch. As Battlestate’s tweet says, the ETS allows players to “test and run new features, content, and updates before they appear in the game, and allow players to contribute to the world of Escape from Tarkov.”

Additionally, it will help the devs identify any bugs or fixes in a tighter timeframe. Therefore, it will help ensure that any new updates are as polished as possible.

How to access the Early Test Server

In order to participate in the Early Test Server, you must have an active copy of Escape from Tarkov.

To become a part of the Early Test server, simply follow these steps:

  • Activate the launcher.
  • Fill in the ETS form.
  • Await notification that you’ve been selected.

It’s great to see the game’s devs reaching out to their fans to ensure that the Tarkov experience is the best it can be. So, if you fancy shaping the face of Tarkov, apply for the ETS: The possibilities are limitless!