Dr Disrespect outsmarts Escape From Tarkov foe with big brain proximity chat trick

Dr Disrespect styles on tarkov opponentBattlestate Games/YouTube/DrDisrespect

Violence, speed, momentum and brain power? Dr Disrespect showed just why he is the back-to-back Blockbuster Video Game Champion by tricking an Escape From Tarkov opponent in style.

Dr Disrespect is one of the world’s top streamers. Known for his outlandish, larger-than-life personality and top-notch gaming skills, Doc has proven himself as a dominant force in the world of gaming.

During a July 6 stream, the banned Twitch star booted up Escape From Tarkov having already secured a win in Warzone solos as part of his Triple Threat Challenge.

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In his Escape From Tarkov PMC Extraction game, the two-time found himself in a room by himself and put the game’s proximity chat to good use.

Dr Disrespect in escape from tarkovYouTube/DrDisrespect
Dr Disrespect has some beast Tarkov skills.

Dr Disrespect fools opponent with proximity chat trap

While in the room, Doc realized a threat was hot on his tail and decided to play dumb by pretending to talk to someone else and speak like a zoned-out teenager.

“Bruh, I got a graphics card, bro. No f**king way, dude!” he acted. “Yeah, you back? Yeah, I know, bro.”

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As this went on, Doc could hear someone behind the door just waiting to make their move, but the two-time had something up his sleeve to bait his opponent.

“My headset doesn’t work. I have no game audio!” he lied. This was enough for the player behind the door to open it only to get barraged by Doc’s weapon and perish. “Yeah, I do. Of course, I got game audio.”

Pleased with his creative use of proximity chat, Doc uploaded his clip to Twitter where it’s already gone viral with nearly 500,000 views.

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It just goes to show that sometimes a big brain play is even more exhilarating than an insane highlight reel snipe.

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