YouTubers view counting video surpasses 25 million mark

Youtube: Tom Scott

Very few educational Youtube channels can consistently create viral content like bloggers or gamers on the platform, but Tom Scott is the exception.

Tom Scott is a famous British Youtuber, active on the platform since 2006 he has focused on the production of great quality educational videos over the years.

Usually picking a relatively amusing topic in History or an obscure concept in Linguistics or Science, he travels to a relevant location and explains the topic with the help of experts in a way that is accessible to the majority of people.

Otherwise, you might also remember him as a candidate in the 2010 British General Election as he ran for a Parliament seat in London with the alias of ‘Mad Cap’n Tom’.

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Mad Captain Tom ScottYoutube: Tom Scott
Mad Cap’n Tom earned 84 votes in 2010

Earlier this year he appeared in front of the White Cliffs of Dover and presented a simple bot programmed to constantly update the title of the video with the current number of views it held.

The video has recently crashed the 25 Million view mark.

In the Video Titled “This Video Has x Views,” Tom explains the change that the internet experienced after social media websites allowed users to interact with their systems through APIs and how quickly that changed after the users started misusing this new tool.

The code that Tom wrote is one example of the ways bots can be used for positive means, in contrast to the harassment they can cause especially in the modern age, and the effect of social media on public opinion.

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And while in the video he says his code will eventually fail, it still works perfectly.

The video then moves into a discussion about entropy and the eventual end of everything around us.

It took a little over seven months for Tom Scott’s video to hit the 25 million mark, quickly becoming the second most viewed video on his channel. Unfortunately, it will take 15 million more to match his most-viewed production, eating garlic bread from space.