YouTuber who insulted ex’s dad forced to read his defamation sentence in weekly video

Alice Sjöberg
Dalas Review sentenced in defamation case

Spanish YouTuber Dalas Review has been made to read his defamation sentence on his YouTube channel every week for a month after insulting his ex-girlfriend’s dad. He also owes the father $13,000, after calling him an abuser who hits “defenseless women”.

The Spanish YouTuber has been instructed to make weekly videos denouncing defamatory statements he made about his ex-girlfriend’s dad on his YouTube channel as part of a judge’s sentence.

The 29-year-old YouTuber, Dalas Review, whose legal name is Daniel Santomé, faced court after he took to his platform after his breakup with his ex-partner Maria Rubio, to talk about her dad, to his 10.9 million subscribers.

According to Gizmodo, the videos included Santomé alleging that Rubio’s father was an “abuser,” as well as calling him a “sick coward who’s messed up in the head,” and someone who, “likes to hit defenseless women on the street”, as well as his daughter Rubio.

Dalas Review argued it was freedom of speech

During the hearing, Santomé argued that his comments were protected by freedom of speech, per the court report. After he was sentenced, the YouTuber accused Rubio, also a YouTuber, and her father, of milking the situation for publicity, according to Gizmodo.

Dalas Review argued that his comments were protected by freedom of speech

However, the judge did not agree as they, according to El Confidencial, wrote in the sentence: “[It’s] hard to believe that anyone with an average level of intelligence could think that by using freedom of speech as an excuse they could say all of these insults, which are recognized as insults by the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy, the Spanish language governing body), freely on social media and believe that the target won’t feel attacked and that the system won’t respond.” 

The judge also ordered Santomé to remove the videos of him saying these things about the victim from his YouTube channel. He is also made to make weekly videos during the month of June 2023 where he reads out his defamation sentence, saying he was wrong in what he’d previously said.

The Dalas Review is not the only YouTuber who’s been in court recently. UK prankster Mizzy was sentenced with a criminal behavior order after posting videos of him entering random people’s homes and even stealing someone’s dog.