YouTuber Ryan Trahan announces return of the viral Penny Challenge

Meera Jacka
YouTuber Ryan Trahan

Who could have guessed that a single penny could become so iconic? YouTuber Ryan Trahan is bringing back the hit Penny Challenge, after raising $1.38 million over the course of his previous series.

American YouTuber Ryan Trahan largely rose to internet stardom after introducing the “Penny Challenge” in June 2022.

The series involved Trahan raising funds via a single penny, in the hopes of traveling from California to MrBeast in North Carolina. He achieved his goal, delivering the penny to MrBeast and raising over a million dollars for the nonprofit Feeding America.

Now it seems the series will be making a return, with Trahan posting a cryptic tweet announcing a new Penny challenge coming July 1.

“The cats outta the bag,” Trahan captioned, not yet sharing this new penny’s final destination.

While little is known yet about the upcoming series, it’s safe to assume it will follow a similar structure to the last. Trahan previously funded his trip across North America by completing online surveys, mowing lawns, and selling items such as soft drinks.

Upon completion, MrBeast praised the YouTuber for his dedication, posting to Instagram “It’s hard to explain how epic his series was, you should definitely watch it.”

With Trahan’s latest announcement confirming the penny’s return, fans of the YouTuber have rushed to Twitter to share their excitement. 

“This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life,” one said.

Another posted, “You’re going to break the internet again and I am here for it!”

With the new series airing in just over a week, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more details arise.

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