YouTuber Ryan Trahan smashes charity goal ahead of penny series return

Shay Robson
YouTuber Ryan Trahan holding a penny in an airport

YouTuber Ryan Trahan has already smashed one of his fundraiser goals before the return of the penny series has even started.

In June 2022, YouTuber Ryan Trahan completed a bizarre challenge of crossing the United States in 30 days, starting with just one penny, to deliver a penny to MrBeast before the US Mint stops producing them.

Raising money for charity on the journey, It’s more than fair to say the challenge was a major success for Ryan.

Not only did he smash the goal of raising $100k, ending with $1.38 million raised equating to over 13.8 million meals for Feeding America, but he also gained over 2.3M subscribers and amassed over 250M views on YouTube during the month.

Now, the YouTuber is ready to start out on a new challenge. On June 22, Ryan announced that ‘Penny Challenge’ would return on July 1, and would be even bigger and better than the last one.

Ryan Trahan smashes goal ahead of penny series return

This time around, the 24-year-old will be striving to raise $100k for — a charity aimed at providing access to safe water to those who need it most. However, before the challenge has even started, his community has already smashed the goal.

“We almost hit our fundraising goal for,” the YouTuber revealed in a June 30 tweet. “Episode 1 of the penny series doesn’t even go up until tomorrow.”

Not much is known about the next iteration of Ryan’s ‘Penny Challenge’ although it’s safe to assume it will follow a similar structure to the last. However, this time it seems as if the YouTuber will be traveling across several countries.

The first episode of the series is expected to air on July 1 via Ryan’s YouTube channel.

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