YouTuber reportedly faked GTA livestream to have an alibi while he committed murder

YouTube logo in cartoon designUnsplash: Alexander Shatov

A YouTube streamer has been charged with the murder of a woman, with authorities claiming that the content creator faked a live stream during the time of her death as a way to give himself an alibi.

As reported by Insider, “Prosecutors say Stephen McCullagh set up a fake, pre-recorded video game livestream to use as an alibi for the stabbing death of a pregnant woman.”

McCullagh has been charged with the murder of Natalie McNally, her death having taken place last December. As part of the murder charge, McCullagh has been accused of faking an appearance on a live YouTube stream on the night of McNally’s death, using the content to form an alibi for the accusations. However, it has been reported that the stream in question was actually pre-recorded content. 

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At his court hearing this past Thursday, prosecutors alleged that McCullagh had orchestrated a “sophisticated, calculated, and cool-headed plot.” The prosecutors then added he was “capable of deception beyond imagination,” according to The Guardian.

As part of the hearing, a technical analysis was conducted to look into the accusations that McCullagh’s live stream was in fact a pre-record. The analysis pointed out that, despite McCullagh insisting the video was live, his lack of reply to his live chat during the stream caused investigators to take issue with his claims, senior police investigator Neil McGuinness told The Guardian.

McCullagh claimed that he was unable to respond to the live chat because of a “technical glitch.”

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According to the Belfast Telegraph, McCullagh eventually admitted to authorities that the live stream was not recorded on the night of McNally’s death. McCullagh also allegedly left his phone in McNally’s house after her murder.

So far, no definitive resolution has been made for the case and for the murder of McNally. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as the situation unfolds.