YouTuber reduces homeless couple to tears with incredible $15k donation

YouTuber Phillip Q Vu raises $15k for homeless coupleInstagram/YouTube: phillipqvu

A small YouTuber surprised a homeless couple with $15,000 that was donated by his viewers, and it left them completely in tears with the possibility of turning their life around.

Often, you’ll see the biggest creators on YouTube or Twitch giving away huge amounts of money to their friends or fans. It’s not too often, though, you see them given away to people that really, truly need it.

That’s exactly what happened when this YouTuber accidentally stumbled upon a homeless man in Connecticut, who was offering to clean his car for just a couple of dollars.

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Phillip Q Vu is a small YouTuber and TikToker who filmed a couple of videos with Mike, who was living on the streets of Connecticut. Luckily, they went viral, and Phillip realized he could use those numbers to do some good.

phillipqvu and homeless man mike after donationInstagram: phillipqvu
Phillip has struck up an unlikely friendship with Mike.

After racking up around 5 million views on two TikToks with Mike, Phillip decided that he would put together a fundraiser to help him and his girlfriend, Megan, who suffers from multiple health problems.

Phillip had already revealed the big surprise to Mike, showing him the amount of money that had been raised as well as providing him a gifted bag of sportswear. Mike, naturally, was in tears, delighted at what was happening.

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However, they decided to keep it a secret from Megan to really surprise her and let her know that their life could be turning around.

On March 17, Phillip uploaded the second video. In it, Megan detailed her medical hardships, as she has Multiple Sclerosis and Idiopathic Arthritis. Needless to say, the money could go a long way for this couple trying to get their life back on track.

As expected, Megan couldn’t believe her luck, and immediately burst into tears when she realized that they had been donated $15,000. Mike’s excitement was palpable, and Phillip humbly passed on all the thanks to his viewers who raised the money.

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At the time of writing, Phillip has under 6,000 subscribers on YouTube and 400k on TikTok. He lives out of his car while traveling across the US and the world. If he keeps up with content like this, though, we can see him earning a bigger following in the future — and hopefully helping even more people on the way.

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