MrBeast surprises small streamer with $50k just for completing Minecraft

MrBeast films a YouTube video with his friendsYouTube: MrBeast Gaming

YouTuber MrBeast has surprised an unsuspecting smaller Twitch streamer with $50,000, after challenging him to complete Minecraft in under an hour live on stream.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is well-known on YouTube for his crazy video ideas, which are often incredibly high budget. Challenging his friends and family to do bizarre things, he offers them huge monetary rewards, and he also gives huge amounts of money and support to charity.

In his latest main channel video, he even gave away houses to people for just $1, making people emotional with the insane gift.

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The YouTuber also set up a gaming-specific channel in 2020 which has already racked up over 15 million followers. This channel takes on a similar premise to his main channel, in that he issues viewers and friends weird challenges to complete within games like Minecraft and GTA, all for some crazy prizes.

MrBeast issues $10k Minecraft parkour challengeYouTube: MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast often creates Minecraft challenges for his viewers to participate in.

For his latest gaming channel video, he challenged a smaller streamer while he was live on Twitch to complete Minecraft in under an hour. If he completed the challenge, he would win $50,000.

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The streamer in question was Benni, a.k.a realbenex, a 19-year-old from Germany who has just over 68,000 followers on Twitch and largely centers his content around Minecraft.

Initially, Benni looked baffled by MrBeasts’s sudden appearance, with the chat freaking out, and although he said he was “shaking,” he wasted no time in getting to work on beating the game.

He was told to start a new world but was not allowed to reset, meaning he had to work with whatever seed he was given, even if it was an unlucky one.

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While Jimmy, Karl Jacobs, and other members of the team tried to distract the streamer by sending donations with bizarre messages attached, Benni kept his cool and continued his mission.

To his viewers’ delight, the streamer managed to complete the game well ahead of his allotted hour at just over 44 minutes. Although Jimmy wasn’t able to donate anything over $1000 via Twitch, he assured fans that he did in fact send Benni his prize of $50,000.

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Many streamers will no doubt now be keeping an eye out to see if MrBeast makes an appearance in their stream, on the off chance that they could win big.

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