YouTuber Niko Omilana opens fake Starbucks to troll customers

Georgina Smith. Last updated: May 02, 2022
Niko Omilana in YouTube Starbucks prank
YouTube: Niko Omilana

YouTuber Niko Omilana launched his own fake Starbucks drive-through to troll customers after he was kicked by a disgruntled prank victim in his last video related to the coffee chain.

Niko is a content creator with over three million subscribers on YouTube, and he’s well-known for his chaotic pranks on strangers, friends, and often big companies.

His past videos have seen him selling giant food on Uber Eats, becoming a fake employee in the Apple Store, and even opening his own fake McDonalds.

In November 2020, he made a video in which he pretended to be a Starbucks employee, and in one daring move, he even told a drive-through customer to roll their window back up because of his bad breath.

YouTuber creates a fake McDonalds
YouTube: Niko Omilana
Niko even made his own fake McDonalds.

However, things took an unexpected turn when the prank victim got out of the car, kicked Niko in the back, and smashed his phone on the ground.

Now, in revenge on Starbucks for not ‘making it right,’ Niko and his team set up their very own fake Starbucks drive-through, calling it ‘Starschmucks.’

They revamped a car wash with specially made logos, and got to work trying to bring in as many customers as they could to the fake outlet.

The team took delight in messing with the people who drove by, telling some to look into a ‘human verification’ camera, pretended they didn’t speak English, and took liberty in ‘banning’ people who confused Starschmucks with Starbucks.

Niko even tempted fate by telling some customers that their breath smelled bad, but thankfully the customers took the prank well, and no one felt the need to get out of their car and fly-kick anyone involved.

The team also did their fair share of good deeds for the day, giving out plenty of free hot chocolate by the time the prank was over.

The video was certainly a chaotic one, and although not everyone had the drive-through experience they expected, they generally looked happy to be involved in the bizarre video.