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YouTuber Nikki Limo confused after being demonetized for bizarre reason

Published: 4/Jan/2020 14:12

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Nikki Limo was shocked after learning that she had been demonetized on YouTube, apparently because of her content featuring ‘firearms’, despite being a cooking channel.

Nikki Limo has built a considerable following of over 580,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel for her vlogs and podcast series.

The popular YouTuber has been uploading videos for many years, however, she was left surprised after discovering why her channel had been demonetized on January 4.

Nikki Limo, YouTubeNikko also hosts her own podcast on her YouTube channel.

Nikko revealed that she had received a notification from YouTube explaining that her channel was demonetized due to a “significant portion” of her videos being based around firearms.

The content creator explained her confusion to her fans regarding the demonetization, suggesting that it was likely a mistake on YouTube’s end.

“YouTube demonetized my channel because “a significant portion” of my content has to do with firearms?” she began to question, clearly confused by the ruling on her channel.

“I don’t know anything about firearms!” She admitted, explaining that none of her videos are based around firearms, “I am so confused, I literally make cooking videos.”

The YouTuber later highlighted that she had also been given a guide to the policies on content featuring firearms, saying. “It actually thinks I teach how to build guns…”

Some had suggested that perhaps the use of knives in the kitchen, used for preparing meals, was perhaps why the content had been flagged. But, the message sent from YouTube clearly addressed guns.

However, Nikki also shared that although she was seemingly punished for nothing, she still explained that it made her seem ‘badass’: “I’m flattered because it makes me seem hella badass, but also WTF.”

As of the time of writing, it appears as if Limo’s channel is still demonetized and it is unknown if YouTube plans on reversing their ruling against the content creator.


xQc responds to Hungrybox’s Super Smash Bros challenge

Published: 29/Nov/2020 11:44

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has responded to Smash Bros pro Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma’s challenge of a game after the streamer had a few issues with the iconic Nintendo title. 

Just like plenty of Twitch’s other top streamers, xQc isn’t tied to one game. Sure, his fans would love to see him grinding Overwatch again, but the Canadian likes to dabble in other titles during his streams. 

Most recently, some fans got their wish as the former Overwatch League star decided to have a go at playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate online against other players. However, it didn’t work out all that well for xQc. 

The Canadian streamer let loose on his opponent, the connection, and how “trash” Smash is after a few issues with lag. However, Hungrybox wants to give him a helping hand and get xQc back playing Smash. 

Instagram: liquidhbox
Hungrybox is considered one of the “Five Gods” of Smash.

After xQc started playing Smash during his November 27 stream, Hungrybox quickly floated a challenge out on Twitter. “@xQc let’s play smash this week,” he posted, sparking excitement from fans who wanted to see the pair go head-to-head. 

Though, xQc didn’t respond as quickly as some may have liked, taking a few hours to get back to the Smash star. 

When he did, however, he was seeking Hungrybox’s help rather than hitting him with some trash talk about a potential match. “You better teach me how to not get rolled by bottom 1% players,” the former Overwatch star replied. 

Seeing the pair join forces on one stream will, no doubt, delight fans of both – especially if Hungrybox is able to coach xQc up and turn him into a solid Smash player. 

Who knows, we might even see xQc ultimately take on Tyler1 after he managed to impress a number of Smash players with his performance against Hungrybox’s fellow pro MKLeo.