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Matthew Santoro reveals how theives robbed everything he owned

Published: 29/Jul/2020 1:16 Updated: 4/Aug/2020 21:48

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Matthew Santoro shocked his viewers with a sobering video on July 27, in which he admitted that all of his belongings — besides what he was able to fit in a suitcase — had been stolen from the trailer of a moving truck.

UPDATE 8-4-2020: In a happy turn of events, Santoro revealed in a July 30 video that the trailer containing his belongings has been located, although the shipping company is unsure if anything has been stolen from the trailer at the time of writing.


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Santoro boasts a fairly large presence on YouTube, where he has garnered over six million subscribers due to his “listicle” videos, in which he breaks down topics like “50 amazing facts” or “10 banned YouTube channels.”


However, his most recent upload took a sharp turn from his usual repertoire of content, with the influencer announcing that all of his belongings had been stolen during his move from Los Angeles to Toronto, Canada.

According to the YouTuber, the trailer that housed his things had been stolen from the truck of the moving company he’d hired.


“Every single thing I have in this world is gone,” Santoro explained. “The only stuff I have left is what I was able to bring with me in a single suitcase back to Toronto.”

Aside from a few shirts, a single pair of shoes, toiletries, his computer, and camera, the YouTuber has nothing — and what’s worse is that some of what was stolen are irreplaceable.

“It’s not the fact I have nothing left,” he said in a Tweet about the theft. “It’s that some things can’t be replaced. Family pictures of my Nona who passed. My YouTube plaques from 2014. All the raw footage from my old videos. None of it can be replaced.”


Despite his harrowing circumstances, Santoro claimed he was most upset that his cats’ beds had been taken in the mix, and attempted to mitigate the loss by recognizing that “it’s just stuff” and “at least [I] have my health.”

He likewise claimed that he felt the moving company was a bit shady from the outset, claiming that they’d tried to overcharge him, among other offenses.


But, for the sake of potential legal action, he declined to name the company in question or speak more on his experiences with them.

Thus far, the YouTuber has been met with an outpouring of support from fans after this terrible theft has left him “in shock” and without any of the things he’d hope to move into his new home.


Hacksmith creates real Star Wars lightsaber that cuts through anything

Published: 16/Oct/2020 14:23

by Jacob Hale


YouTuber the Hacksmith has gone viral after perfectly recreating a Star Wars lightsaber in real life — and it can cut through literally anything.

No matter how long Star Wars goes on, or how old the fans become, lightsabers will always be one of the coolest things in the world, iconic in the world of cinema and something all fans wish they had.


Of course, it’s possible to get replica lightsabers in all different styles, ranging from cheap plastic ones, to full-blown replicas costing hundreds of dollars if you’re looking to get an authentic one that feels as though it’s straight from a galaxy far, far away.

But, sometimes even those don’t cut it, and the Hacksmith took it upon himself to create a lightsaber that could cut through basically anything, just like the ones from the movies — and he got it almost spot on.

YouTube Hacksmith Aquaman trident
Instagram: thehacksmith
The Hacksmith makes all kinds of fun gadgets from films and TV, including Aquaman’s trident.

After making the world’s first retractable plasma lightsaber, James Hobson and his crew had to fully test the device to see how it actually works and, as expected, it’s basically perfect.

The temperature reaches highs of 4000°F (2200°C), which is absurdly hot, and slices through a replica Stormtrooper model like butter.

After proving that the new device could easily take down enemy stormtroopers, the Hacksmith had to test it out on even bigger obstructions, as they tore through walls, cut holes in cars, and even ripped another lightsaber in half, just to prove how powerful there new recreation was.


The crew even decided to cook some meat with the lightsaber — albeit, the end result didn’t look too appetizing, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Clearly, and it goes without saying, this isn’t something you should try to replicate at home. This is exclusively for trained Jedi, and looks dangerous at even the best of times. Dangerous… but still pretty cool, and something Yoda himself would be impressed by.