YouTuber Kavos conducts tense interview with Dream amid John Swan drama

YouTube: Kavos/Instagram: Dream

Commentary YouTuber Kavos sat down with Dream for a dramatic interview following the mysterious content creator’s latest spat with John Swan.

The thirty-minute interview, which Kavos says is the first part of a two-part interview, addresses Dream’s latest controversy with fellow content creator John Swan, wherein the former accused the latter of changing his Discord profile.

Although the two initially resolved the spat privately, when Dream brought the drama up in a subreddit, in which he alleged that Swan said “sexual stuff” and “used the n-word” while pretending to be him, John hit back and accused Dream of “smearing” him.

Swan has always maintained that his account was hacked by a child after he left his computer logged on, but Dream has remained sceptical. However, in his interview entitled “Asking Dream VERY Tough Questions,” Kavos  interrogated the anonymous content creator over his belief that Swan mimicked him on Discord.

Claiming that Dream’s belief it was Swan is “ridiculous and crazy,” and that his argument was based off “bull**** points and grammar points,” Kavos suggested that Dream’s audience are naive and would believe anything the content creator said.

He also argues that people should wait to see what John Swan has to say about the drama before drawing any conclusions about the situation.

How did Dream’s fans respond to the interview?

Dream’s fans had a mixed response to Kavos’ pull-no-punches interview method. One Dream fan on YouTube praised the interview, saying:

“Honestly, I respect Dream for being brave enough to go on interview with commentary channels, let alone Kavos of all channels. Kavos is a known Dream disbeliever so I respect the courage to come on and talk with him. And mad respect for Kavos for not pulling a single punch when asking his questions, he stuck to his opinion and didn’t just sugar coat things when Dream would defend himself. Kavos was professional and was trying to truly get to the bottom of it all.”

However, other fans were unimpressed by the interview, with one fan on YouTube accusing Kavos of “attacking Dream at his weakest points.”

Soon after the interview was uploaded, Dream fans uncovered a problematic Tweet Kavos made in 2016. Retweeting Kavos’ offensive Tweet, which uses the homophobic slur ‘f****t’, the fan said: “Kavos is homophobic so don’t support him!”

In response to the allegations, Kavos accused “Dream stans” of making up a “false narrative.” “I support everyone no matter what sexuality,” he said in a Tweet. “I’ve never been homophobic and the use of one word five years ago doesn’t make that true.”

Claiming that fans only uncovered the Tweets because they were unhappy with his interview with Dream, Kavos said that he “respects the Dream stans who aren’t throwing around false claims just because I got an interview with him.”