xQc responds to Linus Tech Tips roasting his “train wreck” PC build

Linus Tech Tips/xQc/YouTube

Twitch star xQc didn’t seem amused with Linus’s breakdown of his recent PC-building stream, which the tech guru called a “train wreck.”

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel might be one of the biggest Twitch streamers out there, but according to Linus Tech Tips, his PC-building skill leaves a lot to be desired.

As one of the top-earning individuals on Twitch, xQc definitely has plenty of cash to blow on the best PC parts money can buy, and assembling them into a powerhouse gaming rig also makes for great content.

It’s not just entertainment for Felix’s fans either apparently, as well-known tech YouTuber Linus Tech Tips took the time to critique xQc’s PC-building skills in a new video, labeling the process as a “train wreck,” to put things lightly.

“xQc reached out to me a number of weeks back asking for help with a new gaming PC. I pointed out that anyone and their dog would be happy to send him a free gaming PC in exchange for a tweet, but I did offer my help if he really needed it,” Linus explained. “Then I promptly never heard anything about it again until I was streaming today and you guys wouldn’t stop talking about how apparently horrible his build was.”

Sure enough, Felix’s actions within the first few seconds of the build were enough to make the tech guru cringe. “This must be how people feel watching me handle stuff,” he quipped while watching xQc conduct his build on the carpet, overpay for parts, handle things carelessly, and just seeming to have little idea what he was doing.

“What are juicers? He’s now used the word juicers twice.” Linus asked incredulously after xQc used one of his trademark terms to describe his sticks of RAM. “128 gigs of RAM in a gaming PC, and he’s calling them juicers. I’m really not sure I’m following so far.”

After suffering through roughly 15 minutes of xQc struggling to get everything put together, the YouTuber made it clear his offer to Felix still stands. “Felix if you’re watching this, my offer still stands. I’d be happy to walk you through this, we can make that case work.”

Wouldn’t you know it, xQc was watching, and posted his own reaction video to this one.

Despite having his PC-building skills absolutely torn apart by one of YouTube’s biggest computer experts, xQc seemed to be having a ton of fun watching and responding to the critique as it happened, and cackling at the fact he got Linus to say “juicers” on camera.

“Guys, the reason I sort of know in-depths and whatnot, is one of my brothers would build PCs, he’d tell me about it, but I would only remember certain parts,” Felix explained. “That wasn’t too bad, he didn’t roast me too hard.”

xQc admitted at the end of the video he had a tough time communicating with people who reach out to help, but we do hope he takes Linus up on his offer for assistance, as a collab stream between the two attempting to build a PC would be some great content.