YouTuber becomes “wanted fugitive” after breaking into SpaceX launch site

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LocoVlogs apologizes for breaking into Space XYouTube: LocoVlogs

A small-time YouTuber has become a wanted fugitive after he illegally broke into Space X property to make a vlog.


Valley Central is reporting that charges have now been dropped

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YouTuber Loco Vlogs, real name Cesar L. Galaviz, only has around 1600 subscribers, but lately, he’s been given some more exposure, and for the wrong reasons.

Galaviz filmed himself trespassing on a SpaceX launch site and uploaded it to his YouTube Channel. Although the original video of his exploration around SpaceX was deleted, this is the internet after all and it has been taken and reuploaded by several other users with titles such as “Idiot Records Himself Trespassing SpaceX Launch Site.”

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Loco Vlogs films himself breaking into SpaceXYouTube: LocoVlogs
Loco Vlogs illegally trespassed on SpaceX property

The YouTuber can be seen walking around the launch site, filming underneath a rocket, and speaking excitedly to the camera saying “This is going to be epic. This is the kind of stuff you don’t see on other people’s channels.”

Galaviz then posted an apology video on April 1 after receiving backlash. “Yes it was wrong, yes it was illegal,” he said. “But in my eyes…I didn’t really think about that and I know I should have thought about trespassing and all of that but… what went through my mind was okay I’m never gonna get this opportunity again so I went for it.”

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He went on to add that he would not do it again and that it was not his intention to break the law, but that he “just thought it would be cool on the channel to go see a rocket because there are some people out there who can’t get there.”

However, commenters were unforgiving. One person described him as “A child in a man’s body with a brain the size of a pea,” while another wrote, “You’re not sorry because you did it, you’re sorry because of the backlash from it.”

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Now, it appears he is facing the repercussions, with Sherriff Eric Garza of Cameron County in Texas tweeting that Galaviz is now a “wanted fugitive,” for a “Class ‘B’ Misdemeanor,” alongside an image showing a picture of the YouTuber, his full name and his last-known location being Conroe, Texas.

Garza wrote, “A Warrant of Arrest has been issued for Cesar L. Galaviz for Criminal Trespass for intentionally going onto the SpaceX property without their consent.”

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Despite posting a classic YouTube apology video, Galaviz is still facing the consequences of committing an actual crime.

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