YouTuber Coffeezilla claims Floyd Mayweather is deleting evidence of failed NFT projects

Marc Griffin
Coffeezilla Accuses Mayweather

YouTube star Coffeezilla has accused undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather of “scamming” people through NFTs and covering up the evidence.

NFTs have divided the internet. Some people are passionate about the new possibilities of its promise, while others aren’t as enthusiastic.

Celebrities, content creators, and influencers looking to cash in on their names have attached themselves to tokens and the like, both aware and unaware of the potential scams that may be taking place. In promoting NFTs, some of these public figures have made thousands and even millions of dollars in the process.

One celebrity promoting them is undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather. He has been a part of the NFT craze since the blockchain fad emerged at the forefront of mainstream America. He was so invested in the movement that he even created an NFT in his image called the “FloydNFT.” The champ was supposedly paid $4,907,407 for a promotion in 2021.

Coffeezilla Accuses Mayweather Floyd Mayweather promoted another NFT after allegedly deleting old projects

What is happening with Mayweather’s NFTs?

Mayweather has allegedly been scrubbing the internet clean of any videos showing him advertising NFTs and NFT giveaways even as he begins advertising his latest project, “the Mayweverse.”

And it’s because of this that YouTuber Coffeezilla accused Mayweather of “scamming” his fans. He is known for calling out YouTubers and what he claims is their “fraudulent” behavior within the realm of NFTs. Setting his sights on Mayweather, he took to Twitter to air out his grievances.

Coffeezilla Calls Mayweather out for deleting posts promoting NFTs

The YouTuber let people know that Mayweather’s last what-he-calls “scam” had made over $4,000,000, as he quote tweeted one of his tweets. He realized that Floyd had since deleted the tweet he had previously quoted.

But in a plot twist of sorts, he revealed his trump card, tweeting, “too bad I archived them.”

Providing insight into the multiple NFTs Floyd had promoted and then seemingly deleted, Coffeezilla went through the tokens and other projects to which the boxer had attached his name.

Then, Coffee took it a step further and even included comments from investors who were furious at how quickly he ditched his previous Floyd NFTs and was already working on a new one.

The YouTuber has yet to upload a video accusing Mayweather of scamming, so this is probably not the last time we hear from this story.

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