YouTube takes shot at TikTok by adding Shorts to partner program

Dylan Horetski
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YouTube has just announced that they are adding Shorts to the partner program, allowing Shorts creators to earn more money doing what they love.

Over the last few years, short-form content on TikTok and YouTube Shorts has taken over the internet and created some of the biggest influencers in the industry.

When it comes to monetary incentives, TikTok launched its Creator Fund — a set $200M that would be used to pay every qualifying creator on the platform. However, many expressed concern about the low pay as more influencers joined the fund.

YouTube copied that monetization style with the $100M Shorts Fund, but now they’re among the first platforms to provide a better and easier way to pay its Shorts creators by adding the format to its existing partner program.

YouTube Shorts added to partner program

During a press event on September 20, YouTube revealed that they plan on adding YouTube Shorts to the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Gaming Partner Manager Jake Curtis detailed the news in a tweet.

He said: “Monetization via rev share is coming to Shorts! Creators 45% / YT 55% With this, we’re adding an additional pathway to YPP -> 10M Shorts Views, 1K Subs over 90 days”

This means that YouTube Shorts creators who achieve 10M views and 1k subscribers will be added to the YouTube Partner program.

Until now, the only way to be added to the program was 4,000 watch hours and 1k subs in the previous 12 months.

Back in January 2022, Ludwig shared how little he earned from 12M views on YouTube shorts compared to a similar long-form video on the platform.

We’ll update this article as more information about the program is revealed.