Hank Green slams TikTok’s Creator Fund as platform is on track to make $12b

Hank Green frustratedYouTube: HanksChannel

Hank Green has taken to Twitter to slam TikTok’s Creator Fund after it was revealed the company is on track to generate 12 billion dollars in revenue throughout 2022.

Throughout the years, Hank Green has dipped his toes in quite a variety of careers. He is a vlogger, science communicator, entrepreneur, author, musician, and most recently — TikToker.

Since beginning his account on the short-form video platform, he’s amassed almost seven million followers and has received hundreds of thousands of views on each video.

On June 29, he took to Twitter to slam TikTok’s Creator Fund, which it uses to pay creators, after it was revealed that the company is on track to generate 12 billion dollars of revenue through 2022.

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Hank Green slams TikTok’s Creator Fund

The TikTok Creator Fund is a set amount of money split between everyone participating — meaning that the more people join, the less money everyone makes overall.

Hank quote retweeted a post from Commonstock on Twitter that detailed the platform’s revenue for 2022, sparking debate about how much they pay creators.

“Sure would be nice if creators got a cut of revenue, rather than a cut of a flat pool of money that does not change size,” he explained. “Every TikToker is watching their income drop while TikTok’s revenue triples…a real ‘f*ck you’ to the people who built your platform with you.”

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On January 20, Hank posted a video on YouTube titled ‘So… TikTok Sucks’ lamming the platform for its low creator pay that now has almost a million views.

TikTok’s favorite educator isn’t the first person to speak out about the low pay on the platform either. Shortly after Green’s YouTube video went viral, MrBeast revealed that despite having over a billion views on TikTok — he’s made less than $15,000.

It’s unknown whether or not the company will make any changes to the program, but it’s only a matter of time before creators start demanding more for their effort.

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