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YouTube star drives roommate crazy with hilarious mouse prank

Published: 8/Oct/2019 4:26 Updated: 8/Oct/2019 5:30

by Brad Norton


While wireless mice are great for competitors and hardcore gamers, this hilarious prank by YouTube content creator Chase ‘Rainbow Six Siege pro coach shows that you can’t always trust the technology.

Wireless mice are undoubtedly some of the best PC gaming peripherals out there. You don’t have to stress about the reach of a cord and you’ll never miss a shot because you couldn’t drag your mouse far enough. But they do have an unforeseen downside. In this instance, pranks.

One YouTuber has taken it upon himself to drive a professional Rainbow Six Siege coach absolutely mental by hilariously pranking him with a wireless mouse.

In an October 7 post, Mason devised a ridiculous wireless mouse prank on Dark Zero’s R6 pro coach Jordan ‘BKN’ Soojian, and the results were spectacular.

The concept of the prank was for Mason to connect his own mouse to BKN’s computer, wirelessly enabling him to mess with the coach’s aim. Mostly innocent at first for a quick laugh, the joke rapidly spiraled out of control as Soojian reached breaking point.

Starting with a simple gag of moving his crosshairs mid-gunfight, the tension was imminently palpable. “Dude my mouse is broken, what the f*ck,” BKN yelled after missing a series of headshots in his ranked match.

It didn’t take long at all for the coach to reach his breaking point, tweeting the peripheral’s manufacturers FinalMouse to claim that his sensor wasn’t working anymore and that he was entitled to a replacement. Little did he know, the prank was only just beginning.

“I can’t even get back in bro,” he said with his head in his hands. All due to the YouTuber now taking the prank to whole new levels and amusingly backing him out of ranked games entirely, an offense that, if repeated, can lead to suspensions and even outright bans. 

Finally catching on to the joke, BKN humorously hurled insults at Roy before tweeting that the YouTuber will no longer be “allowed back in this house.”

While the hilarity definitely served for some great content from the gaming house, let’s all be glad that it was done in jest. Many other content creators have been angered beyond belief, leading to many smashed gaming peripherals in the past.  


Hasan calls out ‘doppelganger’ Spanish Twitch streamer after hilarious rant

Published: 19/Jan/2021 5:19 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 5:46

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Hasan jokingly called out a Spanish Twitch streamer named IlloJuan who made a hilarious rant after his fans told him they looked similar.

Hasan Piker, better known as HasanAbi, has met his match. Not in terms of political commentary, but rather, his appearance. It happened after the fanbase of a Spanish streamer named IlloJuan described the two of them as doppelgangers.

IlloJuan reacted hilariously to the comparison live on stream. Somebody captured a video of it, and it went viral. Eventually, it found its way to Hasan, who watched it live on his stream.

hasanabi twitch stream
Twitch: HasanAbi
Hasan streams games, but his priority is to keep viewers updated on major political events.

“This guy? This guy me?” said IlloJuan. He pointed to the picture of Hasan. Then, he pointed to himself and flexed his biceps. “I am stronger.” But he didn’t look too convinced about his claim, and neither did Hasan.

“Hey! Hey! Listen,” said Hasan, while jokingly cracking his knuckles. “It’s on-site, mother f**ker.” He sat back and listened to the rest of IlloJuan’s rant.

“No, I mean, with glasses, maybe,” said IlloJuan. “But no, this guy is very strong. He kills me with one punch. Dangerous guy, this guy. What does this guy stream? He seems like he streams Team Fight Tactics.”

“What?” said Hasan, in disbelief. It seems like he thought that was the last game he’d be associated with. His viewers were in stitches, and so was he. They spammed the chat with laughter.

Fortunately, somebody told IlloJuan what he actually streams.  “Politics? He streams politics?” he said. “Ah, he speaks about politics, oh okay. Well, yes, with glasses, yes, he’s a smart guy.”

Hassan burst out laughing and stopped the video. He couldn’t get over the fact IlloJuan thought he streamed Team Fight Tactics. “Mother f**ker said Team Fight Tactics, bro. What?” he said.

“I think English [speakers] and Spanish speakers are [coming together on Twitch]. A lot of Spanish streamers are talking about English speaking streamers, too. What’s going on? I mean, listen, I’ve got a big Latina community in my audience too, so.”

Hilarious rants and reactions aside, it seems like Hasan could be on to something here. The two communities have overlapped quite a bit in recent weeks. For example, TheGrefg broke his own viewership record and became a household name among English speakers.

Hasan and his reaction to IlloJuan is another example. Who knows, maybe the two of them will collaborate in a doppelganger steam at some point. Perhaps it’s something their viewers would love to see.