YouTube Escape2021: How to watch & what to expect

. 6 months ago
YouTube Escape2021

YouTube has kicked off the second season of its Rewind series in the form of YouTube Escape2021 – an interactive livestream that will recap on the best moments of the year. Here’s how and when you can watch Escape.

Since 2010, YouTube released its annual ‘YouTube Rewind’, highlighting the best creators, memes, moments, and pop-culture hits of the year.

However, the annual recap made a disappearance in 2020 and has now been replaced by Escape2021 – a three-chapter, 24-hour interactive livestream that kicks off YouTube Season 2 of Rewind.

Here’s what we know about YouTube Escape2021, including how to watch and what to expect.


What is YouTube Escape2021

Escape2021 is the first installment of the second season of the YouTube Rewind series. Like its predecessor, we should expect Escape2021 to recap on the best moments we’ve seen on YouTube throughout 2021.

Unlike Rewind, Escape2021 will be in the form of a livestream that will last 24-hours. The stream will be split up into three chapters where viewers can play through challenges and experiences from 2021, with relaxing music in between from lo-fi girl.

Specifics of what to expect during the different chapters are unknown. However, artists such as BTS, Doja Cat and The Weeknd are expected to make an appearance throughout the stream.

How to watch YouTube Escape2021

YouTube Escape2021 will start on December 16 and will run for 24-hours hosting three chapters throughout the livestream.

You can watch Escape2021 on the official YouTube channel which we’ve embedded for you.

The three different chapters allow viewers from all regions of the world to experience Escape at a reasonable time. Below are the set times for each chapter.

YouTube Escape2021 Schedule

Chapter 1:

City Time
Los Angeles 9PM PST – December 15
New York City 12AM EST  – December 16
Tokyo 2PM JST – December 16
Sydney 4PM AEDT  –  December 16
London 5AM GMT – December 16
Berlin 6AM CEST – December 16

Chapter 2:

City Time
Los Angeles 9AM PST – December 15
New York City 12PM EST – December 16
Tokyo 2AM JST – December 16
Sydney 4AM AEDT – December 16
London 5PM GMT – December 16
Berlin 6PM CEST – December 16

Chapter 3:

City Time
Los Angeles 4PM PST – December 15
New York City 7PM EST – December 16
Tokyo 9AM – December 16
Sydney 11AM AEDT – December 16
London 12AM GMT – December 16
Berlin 1AM CEST – December 16

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