Young Twitch drummer makes hilarious comparison between Nicki Minaj and Amy Schumer

Virginia Glaze

A young Twitch streamer and musician by the name of Marles ‘marleyjlx’ Barkley made a hilarious comparison between rapper Nicki Minaj and comedian Amy Schumer during one of his broadcasts.

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The streamer is a drummer, and was playing along to the beat of 6ix9ine and Minaj’s song ‘FEFE’ when he suddenly stopped the music.

“Honestly? Nicki Minaj is like, the rapper version of Amy Schumer,” he said into the microphone. “In a bad way, you know? Like, all she talks about is sexual things, and it’s like, can you do anything else? And she says, ‘No, no I can’t.’”

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His comments weren’t finished just there. “She’s like Amy Schumer,” he continued. “All she talks about is her vagina, and it’s really gross. I hate her, and I hate her music.”

Minaj is known for her sexually explicit songs and music videos, garnering massive controversy over her song ‘Anaconda’ in 2014, among other debacles. While rapper Cardi B has since taken the figurative helm of that particular subject, actress Amy Schumer is another story altogether.

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The comedian underwent scrutiny in 2016 for her comments at the Emmy’s. When a reporter asked what she was wearing, Schumer answered, “Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford shoes, and an OB tampon!”

Schumer likewise pushed the comedic envelope in her Comedy Central special, Inside Amy Schumer, where she performed a controversial song about bodily functions.

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Whatever the case, marleyjlx’s comparison of the two performers makes for a hilarious Twitch clip – and a fairly topical joke.