Trainwreck wins $8.75m in Twitch Slots stream but warns viewers: “Don’t be stupid”

trainwrecks in twitch streamTwitch: trainwreckstv

Twitch streamer Tyler ‘TrainwrecksTV’ Niknam is undoubtedly the most popular gambling streamer on the platform — and he’s won a life-changing amount of money during one livestream. But, he immediately followed the big win with a warning to streamers and viewers.

Train has become synonymous with gambling on Twitch. He wins big, but by his own admission, he loses big too. In January 2022, he revealed that he was down around $12m from gambling.

While Train often advises viewers not to gamble, even including a warning on his stream overlay, you’ll often find him playing some high-stakes games with friends.

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He’s had several huge wins in the past, but he was in absolute shock after almost getting the max win during a February 10 stream, raking in an insane $8.75m in one go, an amount that is almost unfathomable to most.

After screaming and repeating “Oh my god,” in complete disbelief at the insane win, Train was quick to do his usual “Don’t gamble” speech to anybody watching at the time.

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“I am losing, you understand, I am down millions,” he says in the clip he plays after each huge win. He follows it up by telling his viewers to “please do not be dumb, don’t be stupid.

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“The way I gamble, even with the Bitcoin I made, with the money I’ve made on Twitch, it is not doable or sustainable, unless you’re a large streamer that can get paid. You will lose every time.”

Train did speak about the money he’s made from his gambling streams just a week prior to this clip. He explained that he makes “much more” than $1m a month in his deal with the gambling company, with estimates pointing more towards around $5m a month.

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Needless to say, though, an $8.75m win could definitely ease some of those losses Train has taken.

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