How to get the bangs filter on TikTok: Popular fake hair effect

TikTok users try out bangs filterTikTok: holla4adolla4 / ayame.p

TikTok users are going viral by trying out a popular fake hair effect that makes it look like you have bangs, with some liking it so much that they’ve said they might even try the hairstyle out in real life.

One of the things TikTok is renowned for is its huge selection of effects, including everything from beauty filters to bizarre green screen creations.

Just about every week there’s a new effect that ends up blowing up on the app, and users can garner millions of views and likes for trying out filters both made by other users, and TikTok themselves.

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The latest to go viral is the ‘bangs’ effect, which, as the name suggests, gives people the ability to see what bangs would look like on them, and some people have found that the results are actually surprisingly realistic.

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Here’s how to try the popular filter out for yourself.

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How to use the bangs filter on TikTok

While there are some filters you have to get by going to other apps like Snapchat or Instagram, this bangs filter is available right from TikTok.

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To get it, simply do as follows:

  1. Launch TikTok.
  2. Go to the ‘Discover’ tab.
  3. Type ‘bangs’ into the bar, and hit search.
  4. There will be multiple results for ‘bangs,’ but the one that is currently blowing up is by user eren.dere (Tap the effect to see who it was created by.)
  5. Press the record button next to the correct effect.
  6. Hold the camera up to your face, and the filter should automatically be applied. You can also tap once to change the color.

While some have praised this effect for being amazingly realistic, others haven’t found it to be particularly flattering. Regardless, people are going viral with their videos using this popular filter.

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