xQc’s G FUEL flavor revealed: The Juice

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G FUEL have announced a brand new flavor that brings Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s long-running meme to fans called: The Juice. Now the ethereal juice will take an actual form for xQc’s many fans.

A former Overwatch pro turned streaming star, xQc has grown to become one of the most watched channels on Twitch. So far in 2021, the 25-year-old Canadian has been beating out the likes of shroud, ludwig, and Gaules in hours watched.

It hasn’t been a meteoric rise, rather something that he has been building on since his pro days ended. Now the streamer is one of the most recognizable entertainers on the platform, with some of his iconic slogans breaching new markets.

xQc has long been known for amping himself and his viewers to “get that juice,” that can now be a real thing thanks to his new G FUEL line. The flavor is launching on the same day it was revealed: April 7.

xqc the juice g fuel
G FUEL has a new flavor brewing inspired by xQc.

“There’s no question that xQc has The Juice,” G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan said. “He’s easily one of the world’s most entertaining gamers and content creators to watch.”

“We’re excited to take our partnership with xQc to another level and introduce our fans to a new refreshing flavor that’s inspired by xQc’s favorite fruits from the jungle.”

G FUEL has created a ton of flavors in the past in collaboration with other notable celebs like Logic, PewDiePie, NICKMERCS, Summit1G, FaZe Clan’s Rug, and more. This mash-up with xQc was expected, especially after the company trolled him with a tangled mess before officially revealing the new flavor.

The Luminosity Gaming star has 8.1 million followers on Twitch, 1.5 subscribers on YouTube, and over 900,000 followers on Twitter. The sheer reach of xQc’s fanbase could generate interest in G FUEL’s new flavor.

In 2019, xQc tried to define ‘the juice’ saying there’s “no real definition,” but now people can pick up a 40-serving tub of their own.

The Juice is launching in powdered form with a limited-edition collector’s box, which includes a tub of the xQc line along with a special ‘The Juicer’ shaker cup.

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