xQc reacts to PewDiePie's bizarre impression of him: "He knows!" - Dexerto

xQc reacts to PewDiePie’s bizarre impression of him: “He knows!”

Published: 1/Aug/2020 11:43

by Joe Craven


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, ex-Overwatch pro turned full-time Twitch entertainer, had a surprisingly heartwarming reaction to YouTube King PewDiePie’s bizarre impression of him.

When it comes to the world of streaming and content creation, there are few names as big as xQc and PewDiePie. The pair, one known for Twitch and the other YouTube, are instantly recognizable by their vibrant personalities and humor.


The pair have also poked fun at each other, and this continued at the end of July with PewDiePie, who exclusively streams on YouTube, doing his best impression of xQc.

pewdiepie sitting in front of pc
YouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTube King signed an exclusive deal to stream on YouTube back in May.

The result was something rather uncanny; a bizarre and stuttering PewDiePie doing his best to emulate the Canadian’s unique mannerisms.


The Swede’s impression garnered the attention of xQc who, in a July 31 stream, was actually impressed by it. While you’d be forgiven for assuming that xQc would become animated and fire some shots back, he merely chuckled and appeared to appreciate the strange impersonation.

“Damn, he knows dude!” xQc laughed. “[The impression is] actually good. That was pretty wholesome, I like it. That was wholesome dude, I liked that a lot.”


We’ve certainly seen better impressions of xQc – particularly the incredibly accurate one exhibited regularly by TSM Myth – but at least Lengyel himself was happy with it.

Despite being somewhat prone to hilarious outbursts, xQc, for whatever reason, decided to keep his emotions in check this time.

Now it’s his turn to impersonate the YouTube King, but we’re sure PewDiePie would have something to say about that.


Twitch streamer Quin69’s viewers can literally flashbang him by donating

Published: 13/Oct/2020 15:21

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer has found a way to let his viewers flashbang him in real life — and it looks absolutely hilarious.

As streaming grows, it becomes increasingly harder for aspiring creators to really stand out among their peers, and you’ll often see that some of the top streamers have something unique about them, or their stream, that keeps viewers coming back for more.


The best example of this is someone like Dr Disrespect, who adopts the Doc persona whenever he goes live and feeds into the character, offering fans something a little more unique.

So, to stand out among the crowd, you need something original — and Quin69 might have found the best solution.

Quin69 streamer pose
YouTube: Quin69
Quin69 keeps up a spirited stream for his viewers, and this flashbang feature only adds to it.

While streamers often take donations from fans who are looking to show support, Quin has given his viewers a little something extra.

That’s because if you donate a certain amount to Quin’s stream, you hear the call of “throwing flashbang” before the room goes bright white, with Quin forced to close his eyes or squint through the flash if he wants to continue playing.

As you can see below, it doesn’t look like a massively enjoyable experience for the streamer, who has to sit through the pain; but it definitely looks amusing for the viewer.


He clearly tries to shrug it off and acts as though it doesn’t bother him, but we can only imagine how often his viewers flashbang him while in an intense moment of whatever game he’s playing which, truthfully, makes it all the more funny.

For a good example, here’s him being flashed while in a boss fight on Path of Exile, at the worst possible moment.


Of course, it’s all fun and games, and Quin wouldn’t have the option there if it truly bothered him, but we can only imagine how many games he loses momentum in thanks to temporary blindness.