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xQc has a unique reaction after watching viral Twitch proposal

Published: 13/Dec/2019 17:42 Updated: 13/Dec/2019 17:45

by Scott Robertson


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel reacted to a viral Twitch stream proposal while on his own stream, and was very excited and thrilled for the happy couple. But not for the reason you’d expect.

What’s a better way to celebrate love than by getting married after a beautiful proposal? Well, according to xQc, it’s doing your taxes together. 

A staple of the former Overwatch pro’s very popular streams, other than his traditional gameplays and his hijinks-filled IRL segments, are the sections he spends reacting to various clips online.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc has transferred from a pro Overwatch career to streaming with abundant success.

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Early into his December 12th stream, where he later watched the Game Awards with his chat live, xQc pulled up a list of notable Twitch clips from throughout 2019 that included the viral clip of streamer ‘EdisonParkLive’ proposing to his girlfriend after setting a record for consecutive hours streamed.


He was very excited for the couple in the midst of an emotional moment, but his reasoning why was not at all expected.

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“That’s good for taxes, I’d cry too, dude,” he remarked over two people crying tears of joy. “Think about all the f*****g money they’re saving, that’s crazy. Chat, think about all the free juice and tax breaks from being married.”

He’s not wrong, however. In the United States, it’s rather common knowledge that getting married does help with doing your taxes. But it didn’t make it any less jarring or hilarious for the streamer’s chat that taxes were what he was thinking about during that moment.


The list of clips he was looking from was for a New Years Eve award show hosted by streamer and YouTuber NymN. The nominations are for different categories of streamers and stream clips that were prominent throughout the year.

Some of NymN’s categories include Biggest Cringe moment, Streamer of the Year, Biggest fail, and Meme of the Year. xQc himself is involved in a handful of the nominations, including his ‘six consoles’ bit for Meme of the Year, Best Rage moment, and Streamer of the Year, among others.

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He didn’t end up voting for the proposal clip for Most Emotional moment however, instead voting for an emotional Peter ‘Dupreeh’ Rasmussen dedicating Astralis’ back-to-back CSGO major win at IEM Katowice to his late father.


xQc has had a meteoric rise this year on Twitch, so it’s not surprising to see him nominated for Streamer of the Year alongside names like Dr. Disrespect and Forsen. Hopefully, if he himself claims any of the awards he’s nominated for, he can write off a new trophy case on his taxes next year.

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