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xQc hits back at Twitch “degenerate” bashing the game he’s playing

Published: 11/Dec/2019 9:46

by Jacob Hale


Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit back at one of his viewers who claimed the game he was streaming was “trash”, calling him a “degenerate” and willing him to go on and stream something better.

Many streamers have a relationship with their fans where there isn’t a lot of debate or argument, but everyone simply having one common goal. This is represented most commonly in the more family-friendly streams that are often the most-viewed, but there are exceptions.

xQc is one of those exceptions. He doesn’t expect his viewers to pander to him and treat him like royalty and, clearly they shouldn’t expect him to do the same, as he let loose in his December 4 stream.


Robert Paul, Blizzard EntertainmentxQc also found out via a Tweet that his Overwatch team would no longer be competing in the Contenders League.

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As soon as xQc read out the comment from one of his viewers about the game he was playing, Life is Strange 2, you could tell he was instantly angered.

“Oh, someone in chat says ‘trash game’,” he starts, raising his voice and clearly ready to blow.

“Hey, motherf*cker, I have a brilliant idea. How about you turn your dead stream on and play a good game to spark things up? Holy sh*t man. Degenerate.”

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xQc was clearly happy to have let off some steam following the outburst, saying “that felt good. Thanks for that.”


After this, he seemed to be completely back to normal and level-headed, getting straight back to the game seemingly much calmer after his explosive burst at the unhappy viewer.

Nevertheless, his chat loved it and continued to spam their cries of support, obviously finding this trademark xQc moment hysterical.

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Whether the viewer stuck around is unknown, but if watching a “trash” game wasn’t enough the subsequent scolding from xQc may have been enough to prompt him to find another stream to watch.

Whether he stuck around or not, he’ll think twice before he calls a game trash in someone’s stream from now on.