xQc goes on explosive rant as he brutally roasts LA: “Sh**hole place”

xQc on TwitchTwitch: xQc

No matter how far removed from the state he finds himself, xQc just can’t seem to let go of his utter hatred for Los Angeles, as the Twitch streamer found himself in the midst of another heated rant as he lashed out at the locale and everyone in it.

Twitch star xQc has had a somewhat troubled history with LA. Despite plans to reside there throughout 2022 with ambitions of big-budget studio productions, it only took a matter of weeks for the juicer to realize it wasn’t the right fit for him.

“I realize now that city life is just really trash,” he said back in 2021. “City life just sucks. I thought that I knew that from when I played in the Overwatch League, but it’s just not for me.”

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As a result of his general disdain along with a multitude of tech issues, xQc quickly found himself moving back out of LA early the following year after he reached his ‘breaking point.’

Having been out of the state ever since, that passionate hatred hasn’t diminished as he still holds a grudge to this day. In the midst of his latest broadcast on February 15, 2023, he once again got on the subject and unloaded a fiery tirade full of expletives.

“LA is a rat, s***hole, f***ing place,” he began, before forgetting how to inhale while stringing together a record number of insults.

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“It smells bad, taxes are high, it’s trash, snob people, dogs*** traffic, smog, cancer, rats, rodents, gerbils, mice, opossums, dirty ass motherf***ers, people who smell bad, bad hair cuts, people with no jobs doing nothing with their lives like me, absolute f***ing bumlord c***lords, empty, soulless andys, void of energy andys, people doing absolutely nothing but sucking everyone’s life out of them, people that are in pure misery.”

Finally remembering to breathe, he capped it all off with one final message: “F*** them all and f*** LA hoes.”

Clearly, he hasn’t turned a new leaf and that pure disgust for the state remains as strong today as it was in years prior. Despite being good friends with many LA locals, it’s appears that it’s just not the place for him at this point in time.

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But given xQc’s own penchant for ‘disgusting’ living conditions, he’s admittedly not all too different from those he’s hurling insults at in LA.