xQc forced to move again as tech "disaster" ends latest LA stint early - Dexerto

xQc forced to move again as tech “disaster” ends latest LA stint early

Published: 7/Jan/2022 2:51

by Brad Norton


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is once again being forced to relocate as the mega-popular Twitch streamer has described his latest stint in Los Angeles as a “disaster” amidst a string of technical issues.

xQc has had a turbulent few months to say the least. The top streamer of 2021, by a considerable margin, only just moved from Texas to LA in October of 2021.

Following several “scary” incidents with stalkers, the French-Canadian looked to the City of Angels as a way to “get out of [his] shell.” Not only that, but he also had big plans for a studio-based production in the city.


Just weeks into the swap and xQc quickly came to terms that the LA lifestyle wasn’t working out. Now, the social media star has finally reached his ‘breaking point’ and is on the move once again.

xQc streaming on Twitch
Twitch: xqcOW
xQc left his viewers with this message after his latest stream came to an early end.

Right out of the gate the elements were working against xQc. His very first broadcast in LA ended abruptly as almost everything went wrong with the initial streaming setup.

Similar issues have persisted ever since, he confirmed on January 6. “Internet, overall infrastructure, and living in LA has been a little bit of a disaster,” xQc explained in light of another stream cut short earlier that day.


“I don’t mind issues and overcoming them, but there comes a time where I snap. We’re at that point.”

As a result, he’s packing his bags and “flying home” once again. While no clear ETA was given as to how long he may be offline, he assured “big juice normal streams” will be returning “ASAP.”

Wherever xQc streams from, one thing is clear: viewers will still be turning up in droves.

 As the single most-watched personality on Twitch in 2021, there’s no signs he’ll be slowing down anytime soon.