xQc fans troll Fox News into fake high school graduation message

Shay Robson

Fans of popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel somehow trolled a Fox News reporter into giving the creator a high school graduation congratulations message.

xQc is one of the most popular content creators on the whole of Twitch, and with that comes a lot of fans that sometimes love to purposely mess with him.

While fans some will often stream snipe to ruin his gaming experience, sometimes to promote themselves, others take an entirely different approach.

Now, his community somehow trolled a local Fox News station into congratulating the streaming star for graduating high school, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

In a tweet on May 6, Fox 4 broadcast reporter Clarice Tinsley from Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas posted a nice high school graduation message for the 26-year-old streaming star.

Felix Lengyel will graduate from Highland Park High School Cum Laude,” the tweet read. “He’s in the Computer Science National Honor Society & the Math National Honor Society. He’ll attend the University of California-Berkley to study Computer Science, Italian language & Literature.”

So far, the tweet has amassed over 37k likes, with xQc’s fanbase chiming in with memes about the streamer in the replies.

Hey I know that guy, I’ve seen him walk around the halls. Sadly, no one can understand him, great guy though,” one replied, along with a video of the juicer.

“Oh my god, that’s so great! I’ve heard of this guy they say that he’s very poggers whatever that means,” another added. “But I’m happy for Felix, and I hope he achieves his dreams and ambitions.”

Similarly, in 2021, ABC News were tricked into wishing Dr Disrespect a happy birthday by Forsen fans.

As it seems, it’s quite easy to trick a local news outlet into congratulating your favorite creators.

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