ABC News trolled into fake Dr Disrespect birthday message by Forsen fans

Dr Disrespect smiling and happy birthday balloonsDr Disrespect/Unsplash

Fans of Twitch streamer Forsen managed to pull a fast one on ABC news by getting them to give Dr Disrespect a birthday message with a twist. 

There are plenty of mischievous followers of big content creators out there, looking to pull pranks on unsuspecting streamers, social media users, and beyond. 

Some even set their targets higher and want to bamboozle television shows and radio hosts in order to one up their fellow pranksters. 

Fans of Twitch star Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors have become renowned for such pranks, typically getting people to wish Forsen a happy birthday or congratulations for something he didn’t do. However, this time, it wasn’t Forsen being used in the prank, but rather Dr Disrespect.

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Dr Disrespect with a background photo of Dr Disrespect on YouTubeYouTube: Dr Disrespect
The Doc’s real identity has been used in a few viral jokes.

They managed to get ABC 9 in Syracuse, New York to wish the former Twitch streamer a happy birthday, but used his real name – Guy Beahm – as well as a picture of him.

“Guy! Happy Birthday Guy, here’s to your 40s they say, bringing you even more momentum and success,” read the unsuspecting news host as an out-of-character shot of the Doc sat on-screen. 

“Keep on being a champion. This comes from the love of your life and your beautiful family – your wife Nina and baby boy Sebastian. Happy Birthday Guy!” Nina and Sebastian here, of course, being a reference to Forsen and his girlfriend.

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Thankfully, for fans not in the area, someone managed to clip the moment and share it around, and even got it on the radar of Twitch streamers like Nymn. 

As some viewers pointed out, going after the smaller, local stations has been pretty successful for these trolls as they’ve been able to get repeated messages on there for the likes of Forsen and xQc.

It might leave the news crew with egg on their face once they find out that they’re the butt of the joke, but it provides a pretty funny moment for Twitch viewers afterwards.