xQc “fails horribly” after trying to teach his chat soda can trick

xQc demosntrating the tap techniqueYoutube: xQc Clips

Canadian streamer xQc tried to prove to his live chat that tapping a can from all sides prevents carbonated drinks from overflowing. But his demonstration didn’t exactly go very well.

Twitch star xQc is among the biggest online streamers in history, with tens of thousands of pairs of eyes tuning in to follow his every movement, and listen to his every word.

Despite worldwide fame, Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc, has shown his viewers multiple times that he is a down-to-earth person, and an avid videogame enjoying everyman.

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Nothing proves this more than when he has a stumble, or an accident live. Something that happens to every person on a daily basis. But alas, something that is a great point of discussion and interest when a streamer does it instead.

Felix was frustrated that no one in his chat seemed to know the “tap technique” and tried to demonstrate it during his lifestream, but it did not exactly pan out the way he wanted it to.

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xQc fails to demonstrate the tap technique

“Chat, out of all cans and bottles, I don’t know how to stop Sprite from bubbling after I drop it. You can’t, right? Normally you do this,” said xQc in a clip saved from his live stream before tapping all over a Sprite bottle with his fingers.

Frustrated that no one in the chat seemed to understand what he is doing, he grabbed a can of beer from his fridge.

“Watch this. I’m gonna shake it and then drop it. This will bubble if you shake it really hard. Now watch this,” explained Felix, and the rest is history.

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Timestamp: 1:14

Felix and his viewers have a history of interactions that led to the creation of great content. Such as that time when he was doing his chores on his own for the first time and asked chat for specific instructions. Or when he shared an awkward but lighthearted interaction he had with a fan while out on a date.